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Episodes 5 & 6 of my Marlow Briggs & the Mask of Death adventure (7/18/2019) - a 15 minute episode as Marlow enters and escape the Ore Melting facility and races across mine carts….  
Marlow Briggs part 4… it’s a long one…. 22 minutes long (7/14/2019) - doin my save the world thing!
Finally beat that damn level 9 boss in Broforce (7/14/2019) - This one game was a 12 minute struggle, not to mention the off and on play for months to try to beat this annoying bastid!!
Scientists Create an AI From a Sheet of Glass (7/13/2019) - It turns out that you don’t need a computer to create an artificial intelligence. In fact, you don’t even need electricity.
From Son of Slaves to the Father of Black Nationalism: Do You Know Martin Delany? | Urban Intellectuals (7/13/2019) - I wasn’t up on him myself… Martin Delany was a Civil Rights activist, author, editor, and doctor who came into this world on May 6, 1812. Born in Charles Town, West Virginia, as the son of slaves, his grandfather on his father’s side was a village chieftain while his grandfather on his mother’s side was […]
Minneapolis Bus Stop Crash: White Driver Hit Black People On Purpose? (7/13/2019) - I guess they sayin his old arse accidently did this? FOH At least six people were hospitalized Wednesday after a driver hit a group of people waiting at a bus stop in Minneapolis, according to a new report. At least three of those people were injured critically. One witness who filmed the immediate aftermath said […]

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Those Black cowboys weren’t from Africa. They were from right here. Look, archaeologists in North Carolina found two types of horse bones that were at least 10,000 years old. They found bones of THREE different types of elephants. They found camel bones and ground sloth bones where the sloths were the size of small elephants. ALL of these animals were indigenous to America. We had horses here LONG before any europeans set foot in America.

    Besides, if you check the actual number of people from Africa who disembarked from ships onto the shores of America from 1501-1865 the number is —– just over 262,000. That’s it, in 365 years. When the first military merchants came to what they call Jamestown in 1609 , their diaries say the people were “copper-colored.” And NO those English weren’t “settlers.” If they were they wouldn’t have embarked on a war from 1610-1614 over the land where we were growing tobacco. Tobacco happens to be the first commodity taken back to England from America. After that war and an uneasy peace we fought them until 1640 before they finally, forcibly took that land.

    Hell, my family has descendant records going back to the early 1600s — and we were all Wa-kon- da (That’s the REAL name for what the $5 injuns call, “Omaha”) and Washitaw (the autochthonous people of Kansas and Missouri) We owned cattle ranches and apple orchards. We were among the Plains people rarely even discussed by “his-storians.”

    The sooner we realiz who were are, the quicker we can coalesce into a whole people.

    Finally, ask yourself, if you don’t know what country in Africa your people were taken from, don’t know what ship you came here on, don’t know where your people landed or to whom they were sold, why on Earth would you allow the people who enslaved you and whose power structure class continues to oppress you to tell you you’re from? Why would you believe them?!


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