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De La Soul – Royalty Capes (11/13/2017) - New video from De La Soul! Royalty Capes featuring Gina Loring is from De La Soul’s 2016 No. 1 Rap Album ‘and the Anonymous Nobody’
6 Year Old Tanzanian Creates a High-tech Computer Learning Game (11/13/2017) - That is dope! What did your 6 year old do today? A six year old first-grade student from Tanzania has set the internet abuzz after he created a computer learning game called EthanMan.
Why We Need to Pay More Attention to the Sexual Abuse of Black Boys (11/13/2017) - No one ever wants to talk about why so many of our men are broken…. because they have been tampered with… It’s rare to hear or read about a discussion centered solely on the sexual abuse of Black boys. I’ve only seen this topic come up when women are interrupted while discussing the childhood sexual […]
How Today’s White Middle Class Was Made Possible By Welfare (11/13/2017) - For those that didn’t know this already, the AmeriKKKan middle class was created by welfare… Whites, angered at blacks and immigrants receiving “government handouts,” forget they were lifted out of poverty through racially exclusive welfare programs in the 30s.1
11-6-17 ZoWhat? Does Hollywood have a secret Occult history? (11/12/2017) - Of course they do…. and this was a GREAT show… HOT TOPIC ALERT: Does Hollywood have a secret Occult history? An interesting look at tinsel town’s Occult history
Judge Won’t Dismiss Discrimination Suit By Slave Descendants (11/9/2017) - smh… more “legal” land grabs by gubment…. A federal judge in Georgia has refused to dismiss a lawsuit that claims racial discrimination is eroding one of the last Gullah-Geechee communities of slave descendants on the Southeast U.S. coast.

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