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What happened to Umar Johnson (1/6/2018) - Interesting analysis…. via What happened to Umar Johnson – YouTube
Consider These Digital Currency Exchange Alternatives to Coinbase (1/5/2018) - Nothing like other options… Over the past few months, Coinbase has almost become synonymous with Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. The popular digital currency exchange makes headlines every time it adds a new type of coin (almost always causing an immediate spike in its value) or crashes when trading is at its most frenzied.
Tariq vs Umar is wack… (12/31/2017) - This Tariq vs Umar beef is wack… they sound like females, not actual men…. Either debate or box but all this lip flapping is non productive…. but I’ve always questioned them both for a variety of reasons… Real activism and eventual revolution will come from the masses…. not posturing personalities….
BUSTED: The FBI just got permission to search Sheriff Clarke’s emails (12/29/2017) - Abusing power… is anyone surprised in the least? So much for coonin…. smmfh Sheriff David Clarke encountered Dan Black on an airplane in Dallas January of last year. Black asked if Clarke was the notorious sheriff, which Clarke explained he was. Black moved towards the back of the plane shaking his head. Clarke asked Black […]
Kwanzaa’s Ujamaa and Ujima | Grassroots Economic Organizing (12/29/2017) - Some good ideas here… Kwanzaa is an African-inspired holiday practiced by millions of African Americans from December 26 – January 1.  African values, which are geared toward care of the whole or the collective rather than the individual, are remembered during this 7-day celebration.  Seven principles or values make up the foundation of Kwanzaa—they are […]
Man it’s cold! (12/29/2017) - This is not what I moved to TX for lol Sup everyone… I’ve been lounging a bit so excuse the slow posts of late but as always business calls and bruh needs some analog time from time to time..   I did roll out new gear…. more hoodies!!! http://lordrakim.16mb.com/product/black-power-hoodie/ http://lordrakim.16mb.com/product/huey-p-newton-rbg-mens-hoodie/ Got much more ish coming […]

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