Teen Girl Left with Broken Bones, Missing Teeth After Cops Stopped Her for Having a Conversation

Damn shame they picking on women too…

St. Louis, MO — 19-year-old Kenisha Gray is now recovering from multiple broken bones and missing teeth after reportedly being brutally assaulted and tasered by St. Louis PD.


According to police, Gray was having a conversation in the middle of an intersection holding up traffic, then ran when approached by officers.

Police claim she was caught and handcuffed, but somehow managed to escape from the back of the police car. Officers say Gray was injured after they were forced to taser the teen, causing her to fall forward.

“That’s a lie,” Williams said. “I don’t see how she could hit face first, and she got all of this messed up on her face. I don’t understand, if she hit face first, she wouldn’t have had all this on her face. I can’t believe this.”

Kenisha’s mother is speaking out, saying the police’s version of events does not match up with the extent of the injuries suffered by Gray. She believes officers beat and dragged her daughter, causing the extensive damage to her face.


“She’s got some teeth missing out of her mouth, her face is swollen up,” said Valerie Williams, the girl’s mother.


Gray is currently unable to speak due to the injuries, and will need multiple surgeries to repair the broken bones and missing teeth. The police department has not yet agreed to be interviewed about the incident.

via Teen Girl Left with Broken Bones, Missing Teeth After Cops Stopped Her for Having a Conversation | The Free Thought Project.


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