Man it’s been a busy month….

Yeah your man LR has been doin somethings like finally getting around to a new LR Radio show, some Mark Spark shows, Kodi guide updates, and some business moves. I gotta finish the new updates of the Windows Start Up pack and the LR Tools….

Checked out this Daymond John (from FUBU/Shark Tank) conference this past friday and while I shoulda known they would give away too much for the free, it was basically a PowerPoint sales pitch for a $1,997 3 day weekend conference with him and “his team” (of YTs)… and no he didn’t personally come, just pre-recorded some videos…. funny thing was it wasn’t much I didn’t hear that wasn’t in Dr Boyce Watkins book Black American Money (posted here but I recommend you check out his websites and get at him like I plan to soon)

Oh yeah working on some T-Shirts as well… what do u think?

huey-p-shirt-01folks didn’t like the YT sooooo._ShirtTemplate_Male-ps-YTI colored him LMAOOOO

but here’s a decent look at what the actual shirts will look like…

huey-p-shirt-02and with a lil mockup using yours truly..


If you’re interested in one, just hit me up….. I’m leaving the CafePress stuff up for now but removing all the exclusive content immediately cuz they are a ripoff unless u sell 1,000,00 shits (yeah I know what I type) lol

Until next time….don’t forget GbA Inc. so u can support black businesses like mine… and be sure to share the site with your friends and family…. lot of information and wisdom on this page besides music and my shenanigans…. can’t be super serious all the time or I’ll have a stroke… Peace!

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