Just a little something…

Enjoying the weather here in Texas especially since it’s gonna hit record highs…


Otherwise than that, moving this merch and pondering my next move…

Don’t forget to check out my Huey Newton RBG T-Shirts and buy a few… I’m working on a standalone store for my shirts and other wares so I can’t not give Cafepress any of my money and keep it black as possible…

and I just heard of SWATing…. I didn’t know that was a thing in the tech gaming world… it’s when u call LE and tell them some crazy story where they send the deck on someone u don’t like… for shits and giggles… yeah I can see a lot of mayhem if folks in the hood catch wind of this… snitching on a whole new level and when u can spoof Caller ID, it can get really hairy….

penis beats brains

and wassup with the movie Chi-Raq bootleggers? I ain’t tryin to put no money in Spike Lee’s opportunistic pockets if I can help especially since his last few movies have been…. interesting… not good, just interesting..

I had a Mark Spark show in the works but ish happened and I scrapped that idea for a new one as well as a new LR Radio show but in the meanwhile enjoy my Jacka mixtape




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