Happy Hell-a-days…. or whatever…

Yeah well another “season” is almost done and I’ve survived East Texas as well as some snow in Fort Worth….


I have a BUNCH of new books I’ll add to library ASAP so u can get ya learn on while it’s chilly outside.And a long awaited update to the LR Tools and Windows Update Pack is coming…. I just haven’t compiled and packaged it yet but it’ll be fresh with new toys…

Been busy doin some video work as far as promos, and some intros for folks..

Zone promos



Beat Promos

Here We Come

Be The Best (1st Grade Girls remix)

Riding Down Jeffrey

Rising Over Clowns (ToriBrixx edition v1)

Rising Over Clowns (ToriBrixx edition v2)

Rising Over Clowns (ToriBrixx edition v3)

buds pic letter 02

and I been doin some other artsy stuff I may post….

and don’t forget the Huey P Newton shirts


still ain’t seen Chi-Raq but Star Wars was aiight if u don’t mind the black character running and scared the whole damn movie AND getting no ass but Tariq spoke on that…. better than I…

and last added the latest SportsDevil plugin to the KODI guide


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