Got the T-Shirt forms here fixed and working on a shopping cart…

Progress my people!

Got some things moving now and hope u like the new form… it still isn’t quite automated but free doesn’t allow plugins so I’ve “outsourced” to an official WordPress site I set up JUST for the store.

Check it out here and let me know if u have any issues with it…

I may stay with this or just find a WebStore CMS which works better for me….

I been BS’n on a new Mark Spark show and Mark has let me know I suck lol but we gonna get it done sooner than later…

How Mark feels right now lol
Also gonna get a new LR Radio show done soon… can’t say when but soon.. got so much stuff goin on on this paperchase but I gotta have some newness for 2016

Let me know what u wanna see more of and I’ll get it poppin!


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