Vpnify.me: VPN server speed ratings


This seems cool…

Vpnify.me is a free speed testing service for VPN services and servers that runs upload and download bandwidth speed tests regularly to show to users of the service how servers of specific providers do speed-wise.

When it comes to the selection of a VPN Provider, speed, next to privacy, security and availability, is one of the main factors that many users are interested in.

Ideally, you would not notice a difference between the actual speed of an Internet connection and the throughput of the VPN server, but that is often not the case.


Vpnify.me is a free service, sponsored by Private Internet Access, that provides you with hourly-updated bandwidth information for select providers.

The service is easy to use for end users. It displays a list of VPN providers that you can select one from, and a list of test locations in the world.

As far as VPN providers are concerned, it supports several of them including Private Internet Access, Hide My Ass, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, TorGuard or Invisible Browsing VPN.

Location-wise, it supports locations in the US, Europe, Asia, Brazil and even Australia.

You pick the VPN provider that you want to check out first, and then the location in the world that is closest to you. Alternatively, you may also pick a location you will be at in the future to find out if the provider delivers suitable bandwidth there as well.

You will notice that different servers offered by the provider are highlighted on the map afterwards.

A click on any of those locations displays the most recent upload and download bandwidth that the Vpnify server got when the connection test was run the last time.

Surprisingly enough, these speeds differ significantly. For instance, the Dutch Private Internet Access server provided a throughput of 33.4 MB/sec and 62.6 MB/sec from the New York test location while the Floria Private Internet Access server speeds of only 8 MB/sec and 4.9 MB/sec respectively.

What you can do with the data

The data is highly useful, even though the bandwidth that you are getting from select servers may differ.

First, it can be useful when it comes to selecting a VPN provider. Depending on what you want to use the provider for, large data transfers, media streaming, improved security, you may want to pick one that delivers sufficient bandwidth for these tasks so that you don’t get slow-as-a-snail downloads or buffering issues while streaming video or other contents.

Second, you can use it to select appropriate servers if you are already a customer of one of the supported providers.

You may resolve speed issues if you switch to a server that showed faster upload and/or download speeds during tests.


Vpnify is sponsored by Private Internet Access, a fact that is displayed prominently on the project’s website.

It is no surprise that Private Internet Access is the default VPN selected when you open the Vpnify website, but apart from that, the sponsorship does not have any impact on the tests conducted or the website itself.

via Vpnify.me: VPN server speed ratings – gHacks Tech News.

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