“The Black Netflix,” kweliTV, Teams up with Ebony to Find Emerging Black Content Creators


This is a good idea and many more people need to get in on the Internet before they lock it down….

The new streaming network kweliTV, founded by journalist DeShauna Spencer, aims to showcase films, original series, and documentaries from emerging black content creators that do not receive exposure on mainstream networks.  kweliTV launched in December of 2015, and is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ streaming network for those who want to see documentaries, news programs, original docu-series, and independent films that exclusively cater to the global black community.

Based in Alexandria, VA, Spencer’s goal in creating kweliTV (kweli means ‘truth’ in Swahili) is to provide a platform that showcases the many different aspects of black culture, in an attempt to change the one dimensional stereotypes that have negatively impacted the black community since the inception of mass media.  The streaming platform focuses on positive content that aims to inspire our community and people across the globe.

To further increase the visibility of diverse black content, kweliTV has teamed up with JETmag.com and EBONY.com to launch a competition for emerging Black filmmakers. The winner will have their work covered by EBONY.com and will receive a 12 month streaming deal with kweliTV.

All entries must be submitted by February 15, 2016 at 11:59pm CST, and the potential winner will be notified February 28, 2016.

via “The Black Netflix,” kweliTV, Teams up with Ebony to Find Emerging Black Content Creators — Hollywood’s Black Renaissance.


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