Teacher Admits to Sex With 17-Year-Old Student Then Sues Him and His Mother

Teacher Admits to Sex With 17-Year-Old Student Then Sues Him and His Mother

Don’t trust these thirsty chicks… even if they are grown and happen to be your teacher…move around hoe!

Talk about a bad education…what is this woman teaching our students? Former teacher, Tanya Ramirez, admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old student and had her teaching license revoked. No question there.

However, now she is suing the student and his mother. According to The Huffington Post this turn of events comes after the incident occurred in Corpus Crispi, TX where the age of sexual consent is 17. Ramirez, 31, claims the sex was consensual, but she took a deal pleading guilty to the improper relationship to put the incident behind her.

Ramirez, the student, and his mother appeared on Dr. Phil where she explained the reason for her lawsuit. The student recorded portions of their encounter and shared it with his friends. Ramirez told Dr. Phil she was humiliated when the video went viral. The mother dismissed her claims saying the video did not go viral, “It wasn’t that good.”

The student’s mother was unhappy with the plea deal and has publicly referred to her as “a sexual predator.” Ramirez is now suing them for invasion of privacy and defamation of character.

Ramirez told Dr. Phil, “He was an adult at the time, and so he chose to have a sexual relationship with me. I want to get justice for what he did to me.” Ramirez told the mother she would settle for an apology. The mother told Dr. Phil, “I’m sorry my son ever met Tanya Ramirez.”

via The GED Section by D.L. Hughley .


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