Public executions and headless bodies on the street in Saudi Arabia, Obama keeps silent about this subject!!!

And these are our “civilized” allies…. smmfh

The “Saudi Arabia Uncovered” reveals most of the barbaric things that are happening in that country. Gruesome footages of public executions and headless bodies hanging from bars are some of the scenes you can see in this documentary that has purpose to reveal to the world the brutality of the regime in Saudi Arabia.
In one scene a women is surrounded by Arabian police men in the middle of a street in Mecca, and the police men don’t allow the woman to get up from the ground meanwhile she desperately screams: “I didn’t do it!”

Few moments later, one of the men picks up a saber and cuts her head off. The execution of the woman who was accused of killing her daughter left the citizens angry, not only because of the execution itself, but more because it was filmed so that her family could see it.
Another footage shows 5 headless bodies hanging from a bar. The apparent criminals often end up without a head, and their bodies are left hanging from bars to serve as a reminder to the other citizens what would happen to them if they were to be suspected as criminals. Just to clarify, in this country people who have cheated on their spouse are also considered as criminals and end up like the other criminals. The documentary also contains a rare footage of a priest spreading hatred towards the non-islamic religions and praying to Allah to destroy the people who follow this so called “false” religions.
The documentary will be shown for the first time tomorrow, 22nd March. The Arabian human rights activist, Loujain Hatloul received several death threats because she was part of the crew that created the documentary.

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