Black Open Carry Protest For Sandra Bland Shuts the Police Down

Everybody ain’t asleep….

What would happen if African Americans took to the streets, exercising their open carry rights at a protest against police brutality and murder? The People’s New Black Panther Party and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club have answered that question.

Under the leadership of national chairman Abdul Qahhar, the People’s New Black Panther Party and members of Huey P Newton Gun Club protested for Sandra Bland and the countless others who have lost their lives to police murder at traffic stops and in jail cells, locked up on spurious charges.

One commenter named Owen Sands asked the Huey P. Newton Gun Club “How do you plan to defeat the white run police departments, white controlled US military, and millions of whites who buy guns like candy? What’s the plan?”

The organization answered firmly, “We have blacks in your military Owen Sands, we will be supported by the Chinese, Arabs and Mexicans so don’t think you have it on lock even some whites will support our efforts. The plan is to fight back and fight hard.”

Supporters of Sandra Bland demonstrated on Wednesday afternoon at the Waller County Jail, demanding police accountability and justice for the woman who died under mysterious and suspicious conditions, behind bars, on July 13, three days after she was arrested, even though she had not resisted any lawful order a traffic stop.

Deputies set up concrete barriers, but kept their distance from the armed protesters.

“The sister was pulled over for a traffic violation because that sheriff didn’t have the proper training or he just didn’t give a damn,” said one of the protesters, named Tomika Guillory. “I’ve never seen real Black Panthers in this town before so I’m just here observing.”

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith was asked to comment on the armed protesters. He said, “I have no problem with people protesting out here and expressing they’re concerns.”

via Black Open Carry Protest For Sandra Bland Shuts the Police Down – Counter Current News


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