Install multiple programs at once with these convenient tools

I didn’t know about all of these… I’ve used Ninite in the past and it’s OK

If you ever had to set up a new Windows computer from scratch, you know how time consuming it can be to install all the programs you need on the machine.

While you could use specifically prepared Windows images to install all the required programs automatically during the installation of the operating system, it is not something that most users do as the process itself is rather technical.

Things are easy if you use portable software predominantly, as you can simply copy all the programs you require from one source (a DVD, Flash Drive, other storage devices) to the system and be done with that.

Some programs are not available as portable versions though, and not everyone wants to use them either. This would mean to run installers left and right on the system, carefully monitoring the installation process to make sure that adware does not slip by, until all programs are installed.

via Install multiple programs at once with these convenient tools – gHacks Tech News


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