Rapper Nas Now Investing Up to $500K into Small Technology Startups

Hey Nas, I could use some VC capital over here…

What does a multi-platinum selling rapper from New York and a high tech startup have in common? More than you think. 42-year old Nasir Jones, otherwise known as “Nas,” is also an investor via his company called QueensBridge Venture Partners. He is one of the few investors who is an angel investor in technology startups, and startups need funding. You might say it’s a match made in heaven.

Why Nas likes technology startups

Nas was a high school dropout whose talent was music, and he became a multiplatinum-selling rapper. He is also a good businessman, but his philosophy is different than many other investors. Sure, he wants his investments to make money, but he also believes in people. As he explains it, “People. That is the absolute No. 1.”

Jones has funded companies across many industries, including financial technology, health care and music production. He looks for companies with a strong management team and a company that has “experience, grit, life motivation.” He also likes to surround himself with smart people, and investing in smart companies allows him to do that.

More than 100 investment deals already

Jones’ company, QueensBridge Venture Partners, has invested in more than 40 startups and averages about 20 investments per year. Investments range from $100,000 to $500,000 per company, and in the last six years, Jones’ company has done more than 100 investment deals.

Jones’ record of investing in technology has made him one of the few full-fledged investors in Silicon Valley start-ups.

To learn more about his company, visit www.qbvp.com

via Rapper Nas Now Investing Up to $500K into Small Technology Startups


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