Eleven ‘Buy Black’ Apps, Websites and Directories You Should Know, Use and Share

Damn I didn’t know about quite a few of these…

The time is now. If you like these apps you need to download them and commit to supporting them consistently. Buy the products, advertise, share them. Provide feedback to the owners of the businesses and to the app or website owners. And most importantly engage and build community.

Finally, no one app or website is going to “solve all of our problems”. But it is a start and you can add the missing ingredient. And if you’re using an app or site that I missed then leave it in the comments. And speaking of support we could use if here on this site as well.

Below are the top Buy Black apps, websites and directories YOU should know, use and share. Let’s get it done.

BlackTradeLines is a mobile application that helps users locate the nearest African American owned businesses, deals, events and activities to them. The app uses both a voice enabled search and a built-in GPS locator to find Black-owned entities within a given proximity.

You can list your business in the directory. We also provide you with an automated voice step-by-step direction navigating to the Black owned businesses near you. With the phone’s mapping technology, we’ll guide you to where you need to be. With our app you can save your favorites list of services you enjoy. Find a place you like, JUST SAVE IT for future visits. It takes seconds to re-discover your new favorite. Share individual Black owned business via Facebook, Twitter or email. Bring back the wealth into your community.


Tuloko connects people to their local community though our messenger service and crowd sourced information on businesses, events and news targeted to the black community. Users get the inside scoop wherever they go — tapping into local intelligence.

“We wanted to find a niche to support Black-owned businesses,” said Tuloko co-founder Duane Johnson. He and co-founder Sean Armstrong first met in Boston years ago, while volunteering for the National Urban League. Tuloko received a $50,000 Arch Grant in St. Louis in 2014.

The two had the idea to create a virtual version of “Black Wall Street,” the most prolific African-American business district in American history, which was vibrant in the early 20th century in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The new app also identifies “Tuloko Friendly” businesses, which are not owned by African Americans. Armstrong said many people who say support black-owned businesses are really saying support businesses that support the black community by employing black people.


The WhereU Came From apps unique features include access to the top 10 most referred pros and businesses under a category even without Internet connection, ability to find the pro nearest you through geo-location technology, reliable listings with verified contact numbers and the ability to easily refer trusted pros to friends and family through the referral function.

Social entrepreneur Dr. Dionne Mahaffey has created the app to allow you to literally buy black. The goal is to help make buying black as simple as possible. You can purchase services and products including house cleaning, plumbing, catering, lawyers, doctors, graphic designers, restaurants, beauty salons and more. The app’s referral and location-based system helps you start your search among the most trusted Black professionals and businesses.

Their development team has added several thousand businesses for the app launch. Business profiles can be submitted from the website or within the actual WhereU Came From app. The app can also help majority, non-black corporations meet their diversity objectives by finding minority businesses to support.


http://www.webuyblack.com – home to thousands of Black-owned businesses.

Did you know that our community sells everything that you want and need?

The goal of webuyblack.com is to find creative ways to help the Black community circulate their dollars more among their own community, to allow the world to witness and purchase the beautiful products of the African people, and to position Black businesses to not only provide for their family and community, but to prepare for their rightful contribution and help for the world.

The site was launched for public purchases on June 19th 2015, which marked the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth. On October 21st 2015, Webuyblack.com launched a campaign to raise $30,000 in 30 days to build a more efficient website. Not only was the goal reached but it was surpassed by over $4,000. The site will soon be reconfigured to enhance the security, overall features, site speed and to lower maintenance.


iZania.com is one of the longest running “Buy Black” sites on the Internet.

The website is a trendsetting leader in online networking for Black entrepreneurs, professionals, and consumers. Our goal is to enable our members to leverage Internet connectivity to achieve positive outcomes for the Virtual Black Community. This word is derived from a combination of Internet and Azania, which means the people of Africa. So, iZania means connecting the people of Africa via the Internet.

Based in the South African philosophy of Ubuntu, (“I am what I am because of who we all are”) and the idea of consensus building, the concept perceives society as a community to which all individuals belong and is built on close relationships and group interactions. The community is held together by a feeling of mutual security and harmony. In this way, we hold to the traditional African values.

Our intent is to become the best virtual facilitator that connects and transforms the efforts of Black people – economically, socially, educationally, politically – to affect positive outcomes in our communities. We mobilize African American online networking, and extend our efforts to a global initiative. More than networking, we make the ‘NET WORK for you!


AfroWorld.org allows you to connect with African professionals from around the globe. The site is free to register and is like LinkedIn and Facebook combining with a global Black focus. Registered users can create a full page listing optimized for Google.

The site gives you an opportunity to see the actual persons behind websites. Businesses can be “Verified” as Black-owned. This is necessary because many sites that give the image of being “Black-owned” are often actually owned by non-Blacks. By giving visitors the opportunity to see members profile pictures, CVs, videos, reviews and other files, visitors can be more confident that a business is truly Black-owned.

Additional functionality includes the ability to add product listings, price lists, promotional offers and even receive leads for prospective business. You can add your social media tools and customize with your own domain name to use your afroworld.org profile as your website. Add your blog and connect to the world.


buyblackallyearlong.com is on a mission of engaging the 21st century marketplace with content and tools that empowers the audience.

In addition to reading the content, users can click the “Submit a Link” button. This free option allows registered users to share additional links and bookmarks to stories they’ve found online that support the mission. Categories include business, church and mosque, community, consumers, education, jobs, solutions, top markets and youth and teens.

By changing the way we think and act, we can transform Black spending and buying into real power and generational wealth.


http://www.2millionjobs.com Using the hashtag #Eachandeveryfriday spend $20 with a local or online business is one of the tactics for site organizers. Then submit the businesses you find to http://www.bbnomics.com and share
within the community. They add, It’s a mathematical fact. If we increase our spending by 5% and redirect some of our discretionary spending to Black-owned businesses we will create two million jobs.

There is also a Buy Black Economics Facebook page and Business and community members take the pledge
“I pledge to help create 2 million jobs.” You can also share this project and tag friends using the
hashtag #2MillionJobs


http://www.authormaggieanderson.com In 2009 Maggie and John Anderson, a successful African American couple raising two daughters in a suburb of Chicago, engaged in a highly publicized social experiment to reinvest in the Black community and buy from only Black-owned businesses for a year.

Following the Empowerment Experiment, Maggie penned a book entitled “Our Black Year“. It examines the commercial exploitation of Black neighborhoods and explores the reasons why Black businesses lag behind businesses of all other racial and ethnic groups in every measure of success.

Maggie argues that the social crises that disproportionately impact Black people and underserved Black neighborhoods could be countered through what she calls “conscious consumerism.” She now leads a self-help economics movement uniting business owners, consumers, corporate and community partners to empower struggling communities.

The mission of The Empowerment Experiment Foundation (EEF) is the dedicated study and facilitation
of economic development in underserved minority communities via self-help economics/conscious consumerism,
financial literacy, targeted entrepreneurship and business diversity and inclusion.


financialjuneteenth.com Dr. Boyce Watkins, finance professor launched financialjuneteenth.com and provides news, a “FJT University”, podcasts and other content related to financial empowerment for individuals and the community. The target audience is Black people who are seeking to build wealth, start businesses and understand how money works. There is also a YouTube channel where “We also seek to avoid the corporate plantation and live a more empowered life altogether.”


http://www.blackbusinessnetwork.com TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc. is a Black-owned and operated marketing company that specializes in marketing the products and services of Black-owned businesses to Black consumers. Founders Delxino and Deborah Wilson de Briano launched the company in 2004 and have worked together as a couple to build the business.

The specific mission is empowering the Black community by getting Black consumers to purchase products from Black-owned businesses. According to their website they have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and built a history making team of over 230,000 distributors.

TAG TEAM Marketing is now marketing the products of Black-owned businesses, through their team of Black distributors, to Black consumers all over the world. They add, “The time has come for masses of Black people to excel economically. Through our various programs, we are putting the Black community to work, and creating mass Black productivity at the same time“.


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