How to Block Ads in Windows for free


This will come in handy when you are watching TV online or downloading files from many of the filesharing sites BUT zshare will block u since u are blocking their ads. I’ll put instructions to add zshare to the excluded list so u can use them if necessary OR u could always just set Jdownloader or whatever download manager u use to NOT use privoxy as it’s proxy.

First off all get the latest version of Privoxy Link

It will be the one at the top OR the latest version number. And be sure and get a stable version.

in the current case it’s 3.0.17 Link

Install it and once u are done, all u have to do is configure your Internet Options (which controls how Internet Explorer and Chrome access the web) and Firefox and/or Opera if u have them installed.

You set it to

server: localhost or
port: 8118

here’s some video that will show u all the steps more or less

Block Ads with Privoxy

Surf anonymously using privoxy using windows

Install and configure privoxy as above…

install and add the following line too, but in {program dirs}config.txt :

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .

don’t forget the last dot .

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