Erykah Badu Wants To Open Her Own School

This would explain why she speaking on girls attire in schools… we all need to start our own schools to educate the seeds..

Earlier this week, we saw Erykah Badu surprise students at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, NJ with an impromptu lunchtime get-down, performing her classic “On & On” for the unsuspecting body of adolescents. Her appearance came courtesy of The Future Project; an education initiative that inspires children across the country to build their own future by providing wholly unique scholastic experiences in partnership with some of the most forward-minded institutions in the US.

While that clip gave us an intimate lens into just how strangely wonderful those experiences can and should be, a newly surfaced video finds Miss Badu delving into her passion for shaping brave young minds, revealing her early beginnings as an actual master teacher, even putting forth her personal pillars of learning, both academic and spiritual, if she had her very own school. And seeing as how the mere thought of a Baduist temple of learning should pique even the best schooled minds, we’ll be doing all we can to ensure Prof. Badu fishes her wish. Watch as Erykah Badu shares her eternal wisdom with the students of Malcolm X Shabazz High School down below and hit the link to learn more about The Future Project, as well as what you can do to contribute to such a worthy cause.

via Erykah Badu Wants To Open Her Own School Okayplayer


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