David Banner On “Black Fist” Video, White Media & The State Of Men In Hip Hop

Good listen…. check the other 2 parts

Veteran emcee David Banner is returning with the new music video “Black Fist.” The Mississippi born rapper/producer spoke with AllHipHop.com about the visuals.

“If you feel a certain way about my video, then it shows you the white supremacist that is deep inside of you, if you feel funny about it,” stated Banner.

The sit down also includes Banner giving an update on his forthcoming album The God Box. The award-winning activist also discusses the state of men in Hip Hop as well as the white media establishment deciding which African-American performers will become stars.

“They take our black stars and they put them in a white movie. They take our favorite rapper and they’re just ‘do boys’ in movies,” says Banner. “We don’t make our stars. Stars don’t come from us anymore. Unless they go through that system and shine through that system, we don’t see any value in ourselves. White people have to take our leaders and give them back to us. I’m just not going to do that.”

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