“Smartform” startup company Wyzerr announces $1.5M in seed funding

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As of February 2016, only 11 VC investments over $1 M were raised by a woman of color. As of last week, you can add Natasia Malaihollo, Covington-based CEO and co-founder of customer feedback solution Wyzerr, to that list. Wyzerr, who works with brands like Walmart and others, and who is the leader in enterprise software and smart technology for customer feedback announces $1.5 M in seed funding.

“Surveys have an international completion rate of under .04% because they are typically boring and take far too long to complete,” explained Natasia Malaihollo, co-founder and CEO of Wyzerr. “This investment will help us continue radically improving customer feedback via a mobile platform that feels like a game and becomes more intelligent with every response. Our clients get up to 25 questions answered in less than 60 seconds, while their customer feels like he or she is providing feedback to a real person.”

Wyzerr empowers businesses of all sizes to make smarter decisions using Smartforms, a modern way to capture customer feedback that seamlessly integrates within a company’s digital presence regardless of device or browser. Smartforms increase the opportunity to consistently listen to all customer feedback – with engagement rates as high as 83 percent – and transport information back to businesses through actionable insights that drive customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Wyzerr’s clients span a variety of industries and include a Fortune 100 retailer, global automobile manufacturer, leading healthcare research firm, and national all-natural burger franchise, among others. Working with Shopper Events, Wyzerr is currently launching its largest campaign yet, capturing one million responses from customers in 2,000 Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) stores nationwide.

“We’re excited about the opportunities Wyzerr creates for companies in all sectors to have a better retention strategy for and feedback loop with customers,” said Brad Zepp, funds manager at Connetic Ventures.

Wyzerr has existing investments totaling over $500,000 from Connectic Ventures, Marshall Ventures, and The Brandery, which has been recognized as a top U.S. startup accelerator by the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project since 2012. Wyzerr will continue building tools that help companies better understand consumers and expand into new markets, as well as transcend language barriers. Wyzerr’s advisers include Mike Webster, senior vice president of research solutions at Burke, Inc., and Christina Bechhold, investor at Samsung Global Innovation Center, who advise on market research, and market adoption and mobile engagement, respectively.

Wyzerr’s all-minority founding team includes chief strategy officer Bjorn K. Simmons and creative director Stedmon Harper, in addition to Malaihollo. In April 2016, Wyzerr was named a recipient of the “Emerging Business Award” by Lead Cincinnati, honoring growing companies with exceptional leadership, expertise in their field and positive impact on the lives of their employees.

About Wyzerr:

Wyzerr is a customer feedback solution, enabling brands to better communicate with customers through engaging surveys that look and feel like mobile games. Wyzerr’s proprietary technology adapts questions to each individuals’ responses, empowering brands with richer feedback that can be acquired in less than 60 seconds per survey at the point of sale and on the go. Wyzerr is committed to ushering in a world where customers are constantly engaged and providing feedback is fun, fast and easy – resulting in actionable and intuitive data. Wyzerr, headquartered in Covington, Kentucky, and founded in June 2014, includes three minority co-founders: Natasia Malaihollo, CEO; Bjorn K. Simmons, chief strategy officer; and Stedmon Harper, creative director. The company is funded by Connetic Ventures, KTech Capital, Marshall Ventures, NKY Growth Fund and The Brandery. Learn more about Wyzerr at http://www.wyzerr.com, http://www.twitter.com/wyzerr andwww.facebook.com/wyzerr.

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