Symone Marshall, another Black woman dies in police custody

Gotdayum shame…. smmfh

On April 26, 2016, 22 year-old Symone Marshall and her friend were in a car accident, that flipped over and landed in a ditch. Paramedics arrive to the scene and stated that they refused medical treatment after being evaluated.

Both Symone and her passenger were arrested for cocaine possession according to a local news station. It’s what happens next that has left Marshall’s family seeking answers.

A year ago, Sandra Bland moved to Texas only to die alone in a jail cell over a BS traffic stop. Symone Marshall was met with the same fate. Because Symone was unable to post bail, she stayed in a Walker County Jail for 2 weeks. Police found her unresponsive in her cell. She was later pronounced dead.

Her sister, Honey Marshall, told KHOU News that Symone was not feeling good and on numerous occasions felt like blacking out. Honey was told that her sister saw the jail doctor but she demanded that Symone be taken to a hospital.
So what happened to Symone? Was it her injuries from the car accident? Should the paramedics and police have required medical treatment since the car in fact had flipped over several times? If Symone was telling her sister she wasn’t feeling good, did she tell the staff at the Walker County Jail? Did anyone think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, since she was in a car accident that flipped over multiple times, her increasingly not feeling well may be something related to the accident?

Thanks to Shaun King for being the first to report this story. But it’s still been very quiet about Symone’s case. Regardless of her arrest, we should all be demanding answers. Young people should not be walking into jails and leaving in bodybags.

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