Tristan Walker Bevel and Ebony Constain Ujamaa Box Reveal the Difference Between Black Identity and Black Empowerment

Yeah I thought Bevel was a stupid idea too…

Black identity is not black empowerment and black people worldwide been duped to believe in black identity politics and it has thwarted the progress of the black community. Black identity is not progressive, it is regressive and advocated by mediocre people. Black empowerment take STEM which means actually learning something, creating strategic visions and execute against the vision towards a measured goal. Black identity is just showing a black face and running a black mouth.

You should clearly know why these cats avoid Dream and Hustle like the plague in any communication or in front of a live studio audience of black people because we are all about empowerment of the black community and that involves real skills and putting in real work. See, notice none of those clowns come around me talking that “what are you doing for the black community?” ying-yang crap no more and they be posting all anonymous and alias messing with real West Side of Chicago hustlers. See, I don’t believe in that clean glass and dirty glass comparison, I believe in comparing cats who are actually empowering others and cats who just talking black identity crap.

With that said, those who pursue the path to black empowerment will choose a rewarding and fulfilling purpose creating betterment of others. And those who create black empowerment will always be the one the black community really love at the end of the day and throw their support behind. That why we talk about our local business entrepreneurs like they run things like Leak Funereal Home and Harold’s Chicken because they putting our people on. But those who just write books and talk about black identity and argue black identity politics are scumbags, losers, morons just running their mouth and afraid to face the fact they and their whole paradigm is a constant regressive failure to the black community.

But wait a minute – did you know there is another side to the black identity politics outside of the Black Nationalist whackos? That other side to black identity politics are the affirmative action chasers and sellouts who run to corporations and institutions that setup structured racism against black people but these black people run to these institutions and try to create a compelling argument they are a “good black” that these corporations want to work and do business with. These are people like Angela Benton and her NewMe and other lame ass cats with no skills who sell the “good Negro” image to these corporations who looking for tokens to parade around. These tokens also use black identity to “play the game” with racist structures to promote themselves as being accepted and validated (“I got signed! I got funding! I got featured!”) while the rest of us blacks are not special.

With that said, we want to present to the African-American community the difference between black identity and black empowerment by contrasting Tristan Walker, a straight mediocre black-identity cornball propped up by Silicon Valley tech bigots pushing some Dollar Shave Club copycat and Ebony Constain who promote black empowerment by creating a business model that foster entrepreneurship, group economics and collective buying power within the black community. And then what you brothas and sistas better do after reading this article is stop talking about some lame ass Tristan Walker cornball token behind and start recognizing the real like Ebony Constain who are real black entrepreneurs using empowerment models we should be celebrating and acknowledging in the black community.

Tristan Walker and Bevel

Tristan Walker is the typical mediocre black guy that bigots in various institutions like to prop up as their “model black person” they want to do business with as their PR strategy to not appear racist. These institutions like Silicon Valley don’t want diversity, they want their Vietnamese secretary and a “model black person” who they want to control like a puppet and parade around and claim they are not racist and that is all Tristan Walker is – that “model black person” they wish we black people would look and act like. When Tristan Walker can show and tell something other than look stupid and can actually demonstrate he got skills, please the comment board below this article is wide open.

Really think back to the rap game with Tommy Boy Records and that lame chick Monica Lynch trying to put out all those lame ass rap acts and push them as mainstream. Disney tried to do that same crap to with their record label that I forgot the name. You can think of all these major label wannabee cornballs who trying to sound like Snoop, Future or Chief Keef and these are fake Negros talking and bragging about they been “signed” to a major label. Well, that is the same game with Tristan Walker and those clowns that support him – they want to badly pride themselves on “getting funded” by a white VC firm over in Silicon Valley.

But let me give you a bit of advice and this is no different than the rap game than with Tristan Walker cornball behind. If you are actually good and actually at the top of your game and got skills, the first thing you going to recognize and discover is you don’t need these racist ass bigots like major record labels and VC firms in your hustle skimming money off your talent and skills. You learn to go free agent like a professional athlete and handle your own business and make sure your contracts work in your best interest because you see other cats get burned trying to be validated and accepted by others only to see the contract screwed their ass over and basically marginalized their ability to make real moves in the game.

So Silicon Valley gave Tristan Walker some VC funding and what does this special “good model black person” do and launch? He says he going to launch some black beauty care business and he uses tech writers and white media to help him market this bullshit business idea. Meanwhile the real black community goes to the Bronner Bros show and one of the Bronner Bros is a mega-church leader providing both entrepreneurial and spiritual guidance to the black community here in Atlanta. We can start dropping names of all the real black hair and beauty black entrepreneurs for the past 100 years who doing it for their people and community. But we got Tristan Walker here who thinks article write-ups in Fast Company and Forbes and Facebook ads is supposed to propel him somewhere and give him respect and business.

So Tristan Walker launched something called Bevel – a shaving subscription service for black men and yes, the actually dumbest idea I ever heard. Black men don’t even use razors like that anymore and if we did, we can use any razor and just shave in a pattern to our curly texture. Now you know if Tristan Walker took that dumb idea to Shark Tank, Daymond John and others would have shot that down fast. Because the market for black men shaving is small – if you did not catch Dr. Claud Anderson talking where he said in the video I linked to that the Prison Industry Complex has a 2 billion dollar contract awarded to a supplier out there to just supply razor blades and underwear to prisoners.

What is funny is I can get my beard custom shaved twice a month by a fine sista barber here in Atlanta at the barbershop for Bevel subscription rates. Fine southern country thick and sexy sista lay a brotha back in the barber chair, rubbing hot lather on my face, hot towel and be talking in my ear shaving a brotha up in the ATL..yeah, I’ll trade all that for a Bevel subscription. So why is a cornball like Tristan Walker swagger-jacking the Dollar Shave Club idea and saying he targeting black men with razor bumps with his VC funding? Good question and let’s explain the answer.

Because Tristan Walker is a mediocre clown and token for the bigots in Silicon Valley and obviously cannot create an original idea if he wanted to. And those white guys in Silicon Valley don’t want a black person who can create an original idea because they just want a token black face to just claim they are not racist. Tristan Walker has zero real history of entrepreneurship towards the black community and nothing on his resume indicate such but he want to try to use mainstream media token boy connects to compete against the Bronner Bros and cats on the South Side of Chicago and cats up in North Carolina who are staples in the black community for nearly 100 years in operation. The truth is, Tristan Walker is using Uncle Tom black identity politics to hide his mediocre nature in the technology sector and he is telling these clueless ass white people over in Silicon Valley that the black beauty market is wide open and those VC are too racist to do their own research to realize Bronner Bros and others got it locked down.

Ebony Constain and Ujamaa Box

Ebony Constain indicated she read a book by Maggie Anderson called Our Black Year where a black couple spent a year buying black products and doing business with only black merchants.

Ebony Costain indicated Maggie Anderson book gave her inspiration to start a monthly subscription service that allow black people to buy various products and services from black businesses each month. Ebony Constain in her own words in terms of her vision and what she is going after.

I created Ujamaa Box because I saw a problem that I wanted to help solve. Our dollars stay in circulation for only six hours! I wanted Ujamaa Box to be an easy, explorative, fun and convenient way to spend more money within the community and more often. I also created Ujamaa Box because I wanted to pursue a living in making a difference in something bigger than myself and not for just another check from an employer who doesn’t share my self-interest.

Let’s stop allowing so many of our dollars to be spent with businesses that don’t respect us and don’t share our self-interest. As we begin to transition into a new year rethink the way you are spending your money. What could you be doing to work towards a more cooperative economic lifestyle?

Ebony Constain created an operation that create a positive impact on the black community and let’s explain below:

Ujamaa Box Foster Group Economics. The subscriber base of Ujamaa box $25/month is used to support a black business so if 10,000 people signed up then 10,000 x 25 = $250,000 that Ujamaa Box will provide to a local black business to send out a product to subscribers of Ujamaa Box boosting revenue for the business in the black community. Okay, I know the numbers are skewed and not including operational cost but Ujamaa Box should not have any real operational expense to be honest. So the bigger Ujamaa Box get, the more powerful it can perform group economics and this is better than a loan or business grant, Ujamaa Box is bringing customers with money in their hand to support black businesses.

Ujamaa Box Foster Entrepreneurship. The group economic factor of Ujamaa Box can be leveraged to help create entrepreneurs in the black community. So if a lady in Harlem want to sell candles made with Ethiopian tea leaves, then Ujamaa Box can give her $250,000 in business and 10,000 black customers who can spread word of mouth about the candle startup business.

Ujamaa Box Create Jobs. By creating orders for 10,000 black customers, a small business has to hire people to do the work and can hire people in their own community, even on a temp contract basis. That is job creation and work for people who need to make money. Everybody else is talking BS about opening a grocery store or small format Wal-Mart to create jobs, think about the number of jobs Ujamaa Box can create around the country in urban areas just by using group economics of their subscriber base.

Ujamaa Box Measure Black Buying Patterns. The 10,000 black subscriber base of Ujamaa Box can give feedback and ratings and this information can help Ujamaa Box understand what real black people buy, not some Target Market News bullshit or Nielsen bullshit but real hard data based on real black businesses and real black consumers. This helps the black community define the type of businesses to start and focus on creating economic clustering in urban areas creating stronger economic development in that black community for example, Houston can be the place to get custom car accessories and they can transform their whole hood in Houston to build car accessories for all the urban areas from the history of knowledge gathered by Ujamaa Box.

So as you see, Ujamaa Box is bigger than Ebony Constain, it is a solution that empowers black lives and black communities and black consumers. It create an environment where if I can give President Obama $25 for his campaign or give cable TV $25 to watch garbage then I damn sure can give $25 to Ujamaa Box to support black business to create black jobs, black entrepreneurs and establish black economic clusters by participating in group economics.

Final Verdict on Sellout Black Identity Versus Black Empowerment Solution

“You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.”

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

“Unless you have a lot of passion about this, you’re not going to survive. You’re going to give it up. So you’ve got to have an idea, or a problem or a wrong that you want to right that you’re passionate about otherwise you’re not going to have the perseverance to stick it through.”

These are the quotes of Steve Jobs, one of Silicon Valley greatest minds. Steve Job approach boils down to the revelation that technology cannot fix any problems, all technology can do is help a person who is willing to fix a problem a lot easier to deliver a solution. At the end of the day, Tristan Walker and Bevel is some self-serving bullcrap while Ebony Constain and Ujamaa Box is a solution to black economic development that better the lives of brothas and sistas overall in the black community. Ujamaa Box is going to survive and thrive and make way more money and a difference because it is driven by a passion and mission bigger than Ebony Constain herself which is the betterment of her people. Ebony Constain may not even realize she her business model is going to be worth $30 million to $100 million in a very short timeframe just on the membership base.

No one in the black community need Tristan Walker f*cking razors or anything this Silicon Valley f*ckboy got to offer as Tristan Walker is promoting his own ego using black identity because he is too mediocre to compete with real global technology talent in the Silicon Valley arena. But we in the black community do need Ebony Constain Ujamaa Box to deliver group economics to foster entrepreneurship, foster spending, create jobs and create economic development in our communities in 2015.

With that said, I hope you guys in the black community learn the difference between black identity and black empowerment and in 2015, start supporting those who are about black empowerment. Ebony Constain is about empowerment, Tristan Walker is about identity – know the damn difference before you simple socialites reading Forbes and Fast Company too damn much namedrop some cornball like Tristan Walker name again around real cats. And for each of you in the black community, find a way to make sure you are part of Ujamaa Box service with the $25 subscription because you know exactly how that $25 collectively is going to make a difference to our people, our community and our future.

via Tristan Walker Bevel and Ebony Constain Ujamaa Box Reveal the Difference Between Black Identity and Black Empowerment


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