King Tee Interviews

A few interviews with King Tee… always loved this dude’s music… especially with the Liks…

King Tee spoke exclusively with VladTV about coming up in his career with NWA and forming close friendships with all the rappers in the group, including Dr. Dre. The West Coast rapper then shared a story about him and Dre trashing the hotel rooms and even going as far as to throw T.V.’s out of the windows.

Moving along, King Tee explained how he made a move away from the gangsta rap sound with his group The Alkaholiks, who did more party music. To hear more about King Tee’s come up, including working with Ice Cube, hit the above clip.

West Coast rapper King Tee spoke exclusively with VladTV about his come-up in the hip-hop world, getting active in the Compton streets, not being affiliated with gangs, and more.

During the beginning of the conversation King Tee spoke extensively about getting his start in hip-hop after linking up with Grammy Award-winning artist DJ Bobcat, DJ Pooh, and Uncle Jamm’s Army. Around this time, King Tee started flexing his skills on the mic after explaining that “there were too many DJs in the crew,” which also led to DJ Pooh giving him the name “King Tee.”

The conversation then started focusing on King Tee’s time in Compton and being active in the street life, but not affiliated with any gangs. When asked about not being official with the Nutty Blocc Crips, which is where he lived, King Tee explained that he was always more focused on music and going to a party than the street life. However, the “Dippin'” rapper told us that he did his fair share of running with his gang friends, stealing cars, being involved in shootouts, and much more.

It was during his time in Compton that a 17-year-old King Tee released his debut album, “Act a Fool,” which was a huge success. When speaking about the attention he got after the album’s release, King Tee admitted that he wishes he would’ve respected the attention he was receiving back then, adding that “it came too fast.”

To hear more of what King Tee had to say during our interview, including whether he considers his music to be gangster rap, hit the above clip.

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via King Tee on Artists Who’ve Written for Ice Cube – YouTube

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