Magic 19 stream & Bishop Nehru Addresses Nas’ Involvement With His Debut Album After Split From Mass Appeal Records

Back in 2014, Hip Hop luminary Nasir Jones called rising emcee Bishop Nehru the “future of music.” Nas later announced the teenager was one of the first acts signed to his new Mass Appeal Records, and Esco planned to executive produce Bishop’s debut studio album.

Bishop has since cordially parted ways with Mass Appeal, but the New York native is still working on the completion of his first LP. Currently, Nas’ contributions to the album will remain part of the project.

“While I was working on it, he was getting involved in stuff already. I think it’s pretty much finished, so I guess his involvement is already done,” Bishop tells “There’s a couple more tracks that I personally want to add. I guess his involvement is pretty much done with everything.”

As Bishy Chulo puts the final touches on his album, he recently kept his fan base fed with Magic 19. The success of his fourth solo effort could help determine if the 19-year-old signs another deal in the near future.

“The album, honestly, depends on how things go with Magic 19,” says Bishop about whether his LP will be released independently. “I have a couple of people trying to get things done. I’m just trying to weigh out some options.”

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