Another incident of police brutality — this time against a Latina

On May 23, Carolinmar Torres was arrested after police responded to a disturbance at a home in Providence, Rhode Island. But before she was taken in, or even read her Miranda Rights, a police officer can be seen in a very graphic video brutally punching and dragging her.

According to a report by officers on the scene: “police found a tense situation at the door of the house from where the alert call was received, and where some people were in a frank aggressive position.”

Weeks later, thanks to a local NBC news affiliate, the video made it’s way to the authorities.
Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said “When you look at it, it’s a bit shocking.”
Shocking is an understatement. Here’s how social media reacted to this terrible event.

ABC News spoke to police chief, Col. Hugh Clements Jr., who said that after preliminary review the officers use of force was justified but is still looking “whether it was excessive.” That sounds like conflicting remarks.

Jim Vincent, President of the NAACP Providence Branch, said he’s in a state of shock over the video. “Obviously that’s police brutality — that woman posed no threat,” Vincent said. “For a woman to be punched in the face like that like that is beyond the pale, as far as I’m concerned.”

Both the mayor of Rhode Island and the governor commented about this incident asking for an investigation. Mayor Jorge Elorza, asked its public safety commissioner to investigate, and Gov. Gina Raimondo, said she found the video “deeply disturbing.”
We reached out to the Mayor Jorge Elorza and have yet to hear back.


via Another incident of police brutality — this time against a Latina | Vivala


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