8-1-16 The NEW Manchurian Candidate!!!! ZOWHAT?

Topic: The New ” Manchurian Candidate” a deeper look into PTSD, & military grade Remote Viewing ( psychic abilities )


Is the idea of a Manchurian candidate plausible?

What does it mean to de-pattern the human mind? #BrainWashing101

Can a person’s mind be de-patterned, and then re-patterned to do the bidding of the programmer?

Do we have the technology and skills need to create a programmable person/soldier?

If so, what are the possible side effects of such A training process?

What is PTSD?

What is remote viewing?

Who develop the remote viewing skill set?

Is remote viewing the same as pre-cognition?

Is intuition gender specific, in that it may be stronger in women?

Can the human brain be used as a type of time machine?

What are some ways other than war that military personnel can “get” PTSD?

Is the African American community AS A Whole suffering from PTSD?

Do human beings have so called Physic abilities, if so why isn’t the skill taught in school?

via 8-1-16 The NEW Manchurian Candidate!!!! ZOWHAT? – YouTube


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