Study Proves Prejudice Linked With Low IQ

Does you intelligence level effect your level of prejudice?

A recent study by Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford looked to answer just that, and the results will not make racists very happy.

As Medical Daily via Rawstory reports:

According to the study, people of lower intelligence, as measured by cognitive ability, tend to be prejudiced against non-conventional or liberal groups, as well as groups that have little choice in their status, such as people defined by their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

On the other hand, individuals of higher intelligence were likely to be prejudiced against groups considered conventional and groups perceived to have “high choice” in their associations, such as conservatives.

“People dislike people who are different from them,” study authors Mark Brandt and Jarret Crawford told Broadly. “Derogating people with different worldviews can help people maintain the validity of their own world view.”

People of all levels of intelligence seem to have the same level of prejudices, just toward different groups.

The reason for these differences in stereotypes, however, is more complicated than simply not liking those who are different from you.

For example, the researchers explained that less intelligent people often like to view other groups as being distinctly different from them as a way to help see them as distant and therefore less of a threat.

On a positive note, a separate study found that prejudice against transgender individuals, and be resolved in most with a simple 10-minute conversation with a transgendered individual.

Could the answer really be that simple? Prejudice can be destroyed by 10 minutes of interaction with the perceived “other”? The science seems to back this obvious answer!

Are you surprised? What does it say then that the supreme court ruled police can refuse to hire applicants with “too high” of an IQ?

Could this be the reason police are so often accused of racism? Let us know and help SPREAD THE WORD!

via Study Proves Prejudice Linked With Low IQ – Counter Current News


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