What’s up Zone heads?

Been living life and working on waaay too many things at the same time BUT me thinks you will enjoy them… or at least some of them… lol

First I updated the LR Mobile App and webapps to version 0.84 which you can check out at




If you aren’t aware, these apps connect to the world of Lord Rakim,GbA, the shirt shop and everything I do online…. so please check them out….

I’m currently working on developing a native app NOT based on webkit for Android & IOS so stay tuned in the near future for that… I’ll keep ya posted!

also me and Mark Spark did a new show!!

and I’ve been finishing up some video ads for the shirt shop I had been working on before my hard drive decided to go bad on me…. thank god for backups!!!

Let me know what u think… here or on YouTube… it’s all the same to me… and buy a shirt!!


Actually FINALLY working on my next LR Radio show which will be focused on Chicago artists…. ain’t did a Chicago show in a while so I was due….


Still working on the posters, so I’ll let u know about those as well…


til next time, be peaceful when need be and vigilant at all times… it’s a war goin on outside no one is safe from….

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