“BLACK BOY FLY: The NCAA & PRO Athlete SLAVE auction show

The NCAA & PRO Athlete SLAVE auction show:
A deeper look into what makes a “GOOD” Black Male Student athlete or Pro” #BlackMaleDocility VS. #BlackMaleThreat


would most Colleges rather build up Black Male Athletes rather than build up Black male Scientists & Engineers?

true or false?
Black students are apparently good enough for the playing fields but not the laboratories?

True Or False?

Black men among the top 25 BCS schools represent 3 percent of their student bodies but 60 percent of the football players?

What good is a championship trophy, or gold medal if you can’t use it as a podium to out about social injustice?

What is, if any the pro black athletes’ responsibility regarding Social injustice?

Are college recruiters skilled at filtering out opportunities for the Next Ali, and Jim brown?

True or False?
Should African American student athletes be more like Jackie Robinson & Joe Louis than Muhammad Ali & Jim Brown?

With college & Professional Basketball & Football being dominated by black players, why don’t the NFL, NBA, & NCAA speak out against social injustices against the black community?

Why are American pro sports leagues the ideal platforms for BLACK & White athletes to address social injustices?

Every Black athlete can’t be Ali, but what part of him should they aspire to be like ?

For Black Men in America, Does Great Success come with Great capitulation?

What do you think of Cam Newton’s recent comments on race, is he right?

Are black Athletes largely silent on social issues because there’s no black community to fall back on in case they’re stripped of everything?

How are Black student-athletes taught the “religion” of capitulation, through the art of going along to get along?

Are colleges coaches afraid to recruit black alpha males for fear of recruiting the next Jim brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or Muhammad Ali?

Are college coaches ill-equipped to instruct & mentor black alpha males?

Which college coach is most like Donald Trump when it comes to a contextual understanding of black issues in America?

Why are so many Student athletes transferring? What are the benefits, and what are the setbacks?

Is the amount college athletes getting paid enough?

2.) Should all college athletes be paid and not just “football & basketball ” in the power conferences?

3.) Should college athletes be able to receive endorsements?

4.) Do University/Colleges care more about their sports programs than there academic programs?

5.) Should high school recruits commit to schools or coaches?

6.) Should coaches be allowed to take new jobs before their contract is finish although players cannot transfer within the conference?

7.) Should top black athletes begin playing at HBCU’s again? And what would that do to the financial disparity?

8.) What exactly is a scholarship?

9.) Why should college athletes unionize?

10.) Did the Ed O’Bannon case really change anything?

11.) What can we learn from the University of Missouri football strike?

12.) What is a paper class?

13.) Why do most student-athletes study the same major?

14.) Why are most athletes melinated and most coaches are not?

15.) What is the importance of the University of Louisville sex scandal?

16.) Why is the Baylor basketball scandal important?

17.) Why should student-athletes partake in internships and or study abroad?

Is the free education and chance at stardom in a pro league worth the capitulation conditioning received during an athlete’s stay in college?

Are college coaches aware of, or complicit re: the “paper” classes that many African-American student athletes take in order to stay eligible?

Why has the skill set of a lot of recruits regressed so drastically within the AAU construct?

Why do most coaches view intelligent questioning from black players as too talkative or militant?

Has the NBA and college basketball become a glorified version of run and gun AAU basketball?

Why has the level of skill & fundamentals regressed so far within the NBA over the past two decades?

Was Carmelo Anthony correct when he said African Americans in the NBA are afraid to speak out against social injustice? If so why?



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