A deeper look into the Teflon image of the modern white woman!

Is the white woman the “benchmark” “GoldStandard” of femininity/womanhood in American society?

Is there such a thing as white woman privilege?

In most cases are black women under valued in this society, if so why is this the case?

Certain ‘White Women’ are viewed as the Goddess(creator) of the Gods(white man). That’s why they are viewed as so precious. Without them, there can be no ‘White Men'(power) born.

The ‘Black Woman’ is viewed as the creator of their enemies..’Black Man’. Weaken and Limit the Black Woman, and you lessen the creation of strong black men.

How is it that Hillary Clinton can be for mass incarceration of black men for mostly non-violent crimes, yet still pander to black families for votes?

True or false?
decades of feminist ideals have not extinguished white women’s antagonism toward black females?

Can you name someone who has a better PR firm than Jesus Christ, & the blonde white BOMBSHELL/woman?

True or false?
Are white women’s perpetual victimhood and fear of black aggression racism’s secret weapon?

What way do white women secretly work to sabotage their black female counterparts at work/in the workplace?

In what way are White women are central to the criminalization of black students?

In what ways are white women antagonistic towards their black female counterparts?

Have white women played the part of silent ambassadors of white power?

True or false?
white women are equal co-conspirators in the devaluation of black life in America?

Where do black men get it wrong when trying to support and uplift the black woman?

Could Condoleezza Rice have had a “potentially” national security threatening server at her private residence, and still run for president?

If white women are as drama filled, and as disrespectful as black women are pretrade in the media, why isn’t there a stereotype called the angry white woman?

As it pertains to blacks in America, Are the only benchmarks for success and happiness in America, are those that come from, or are provided by the dominant society?

Are white women guilty of whispering negative words in the ears of black women re: relationship with black men?

If African-American women are the most educated gender class in America, why aren’t they the most sought after for marriage?

Are the effects of slavery still so evident in black men, that when it is time to support black women, they are reluctant?

Is there a war being waged between black men and black women?

When looking through the filter of classism do white women great higher then most black women?

Has black pride/culture been so maligned, that we have no choice but to find happiness in a blended nation?

What are some misunderstood feminist attitudes that have led to black women being less likely to marry?

With regards high powered white men, can black women be seen as trophy wives?

On marriage/dating: Are white women easier to deal with/less drama than women of color are?

Why is the white woman still the gold standard of beauty in the world?

True or false? The accusatory white women of more than a century ago, who incited lynch mob’s & genital mutilation of black man, is not extinct?

Why does Hillary Clinton support and admire Margaret Sanger’s work so much?

Re: marriage/dating: Who created & maintains the ” so-called” rift between black men & black women?

What would an African American nation inside a nation look like? Are we too divided to be united?

When it comes to achieving the American dream, or black men and women better off marrying their white counterparts?

What’s the white woman’s role in the perpetuation of this societies racist attitudes towards blacks?

Do white women support black women as much as, or more than black men support black women?

Do white men treat white women better than black man treat black women

Who’s valued less in society, the black woman’s womb or black men’s lives?

Does the feminist movement value black women the same way as it does white women?

What is your definition of real beauty?

Do you know someone, who exclusively dates
outside of their race, because they don’t like
their dark skin color? #InteracialhateDating?

What are black men’s roles in ensuring black
women feel beautiful?

How many of you have heard the
statement…you’re pretty for a DARK/BLACK
Girl? Is this a racial slur?
exotic/Erotic) only an
American Issue?

Is this old Adage true? The Darker the Berry,
the Sweeter the Juice, or is this simply a sexual
perversion (objectification) of Darker Skin?

Why must beauty be broken into race
categories, isn’t beautiful just beautiful
regardless of the race?

Does the perception of Black Women being
“angrier” than other women contribute to a
perception of less beauty?



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