Fashawn on GGN

Most of you probably recognize Fashawn from XXL’s 2010 Freshman Cover, but now you have the chance to get to know him on an elevated level as he sits down with Snoop Dogg to talk about music, weed, sex, and more on the newest episode of GGN.

Fashawn’s most recent album, The Ecology, came out in February last year, and it is an album you should definitely know about if you don’t already. The album is executive produced by Nas and features artists like Busta Rhymes, Aloe Blacc, BJ the Chicago Kid, Dom Kennedy, The Alchemist, and more. With a roster like that, we aren’t sure what more convincing you would need to listen to it as soon as you finish watching his episode of GGN.

The Ecology is out on Nas’s record label, Mass Appeal Records, which Fashawn was signed to after he had essentially decided to quit rapping and music as a whole. There was a point when Fashawn found himself somewhat lost in the rap world, and Nas is pretty much the only reason he decided to continue making music.

The Ecology had mass amounts of success in a variety of ways. One of the songs from the album, “Something to Believe In”, which features Nas and Aloe Blacc, is in Madden 16—Snoop knows the song all too well because, according to him, the song comes on every time he is “kicking someone’s ass.”

Aside from The Ecology, Fashawn is busy being the co-founder of the Grizzly Fest, which takes place in Fresno, California every year. Fashawn is from Fresno, and even though Fresno is closer to Northern California, he is a diehard LA Lakers fan (another reason why we love him so much).

via Fashawn on GGN – YouTube


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