The African-American Guide to Understanding Protests, Boycotts, Sanctions and Strategic Operations

Good talking points…

It should be apparent by now – we African-Americans are losing a battle we failing to acknowledge is waged against us.The reason why we losing the war against us is the majority of African-Americans do not know the staged level of engagements against an adversary. We been misled on some “non-violence” stuff that sounds good being talked from a podium but not good on the actual battlefield against an adversary committed to the marginalization and neutralization of our people. In this article I just want to cover the basics to help African-Americans understand levels of engagement from protests, boycotts, sanctions and strategic action.

The first thing is to define the adversary – systematic racism against black people and people of color. These are from micro-aggressions such as coward bigots posting stuff online they won’t say in the real world to us black folks to grand juries refusing to indict cops shooting unarmed black people to Fox News running anti-black propaganda campaign stereotyping young black men as thugs. But there is more – denying economic rights and opportunities such as job and job promotions, refusing to lend or provide VC funding while most black people use Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter not realizing these firms make up excuses why they don’t hire black folks. Hollywood fund movies and music that is negative against black people and refuse to fund media that has positive portrayals, shunning Ledisi in favor of Beyonce at the music award shows. That’s your adversary right there – systematic racism against African-Americans.

Now, that we African-Americans know what we up against, we have to know the level of engagement that is out there. The level of engagements to address adversarial activities are protests, boycotts, sanctions and strategic action.


A protest is a public communication of grievance against action that caused harm or meaning to cause harm. The communication can be a letter of protest where you write a firm telling them they have ran a commercial showing a negative stereotype of African-American people. Or you can have a “press conference” with family members talking about how the cops shot an unarmed black person unjustly and the white District Attorney refuse to investigate because the DA office want white voters to think the DA is “tough” against black people. Or you can have a demonstration where you carry signs or picket by marching down a street or picketing in front of an establishment that mistreated or disrespect black people.

At the protest level, what is being done is informing the adversary that you are aware of their actions, describe the damage their actions have done and calling them out to correct their ways. At the protest level, all of the onus is on the adversarial entity to recognize they done wrong. Most likely, the adversary will not respond to a protest as they see what they done as power and control and see a protest as a squeal from their victim – they like to hear their victims squeal. At this level is where ineffectual lives and nothing going to really happen except the adversary will ignore the protest or enjoy the attention they receiving from the grieving. This is where you see TV pundits, radio talk shows, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, other pastors cats and some social media characters run their mouth or Black Lives Matter run their mouth or march about.


Boycotts is when we refused to participate in activities with the adversary due to the failure to resolve a grievance outlined in a protest. We refuse to do business, we refuse to meet with and refuse to acknowledge. Now the thing about boycotts and this need to be understood is we are not “cutting off” the adversary, we just saying we won’t do business or interact with them until the grievance is addressed.

At this point, the metric is to understand the impact and effectiveness of a boycott and it involves participation. For example, when Jessie Jackson proposed a boycott of Nike for their refusal to hire or recruit African-Americans who make up their biggest consumer base, African-Americans rejected Jessie Jackson call and went out and bought Nike. At that point, Nike realize they don’t have to hire African-Americans because African-Americans will support them anyway. With the VC industry refusing to fund black tech ventures, we had some characters like Tristan Walker and Angela Benton positioned themselves as some kind of gatekeeper/role model dealing with VCs to give them self-interest shine using their race and pretend the VCs are doing something for black tech ventures as a whole. So self-interest is a factor and most of the time, African-Americans choose self-interest over collectively boycotting something that affects all of our people.

Some areas we simply don’t have the numbers. We cannot boycott an entity if we only represent less than 10% of their operations in some shape or fashion. But what we can do is exaggerate through data manipulation to make that 10% mean the world to that entity by shifting to a competitor or announce we are leaving. For example Twitter – this firm have BS excuses why they cannot hire black tech talent while Verizon, General Electric and other heavy technology industry firms hire black tech talent all the time. But Black folks still want to support Twitter when the strategy is to just announce they leaving Twitter or reducing their use of the platform – that is a bigger impact than absolute boycotts. So what I’m saying is 20 tweets saying fuck Twitter is more powerful than 1 black person leaving Twitter platform. Look at the numbers game when boycotting to see what metrics can bring the most effect.

But the goal of boycotts is temporary. It means we appreciate the adversary but we cannot support them until they provide proper redress to the issue. Okay, I want to say this is the end of the road for African-Americans because all we do is protest and boycott so let’s move forward to the other strategies.


Sanctions are action designed to cause non-violent harm or disruption through the use of economic tactics. The economic tactics are designed to marginalize or diminish the value produced by the adversary. This is the term “hit them in the pocketbook” but most African-Americans are talking about boycotts, not sanctions. Sanctions are an ongoing executed strategy that is enforced by rules and punishment for those who attempt to interfere with the levied sanctions.

An example of sanctions is the US Government restricting trade imports and exports, slapping tariffs and high taxes and freezing financial assets of countries and individuals. Americans who try to bypass sanctions face heavy fines and jail time for doing so. A sanction list is created and distributed and the list shows countries we cannot travel to or do business with and also list individuals we cannot do business with.

Since African-Americans do not engage in sanctions, let’s talk about the sanctions that are being levied against us as a people. In many urban communities, our zip codes like 60624 are blacklisted because these are predominately black areas. Black sounding names like Kenyonatta are also blacklisted when reviewed on things like job applications, bank loans or even contest essay submissions. The biggest perpetuator of sanctions is the mainstream media. The mainstream media sanction black people by avoid covering positive stories about African-Americans and only highlight negative news about African-Americans. You can look at news media and they will show you more coverage of cute dog videos than black people in the community doing something positive and impactful.

Redlining, gentrification, blacklisting are all sanctioned-activities being done against African-Americans and our people have not even arrived at this level to realize this kind of battle is being done against us. African-Americans will find it hard to get loans, get approval for processes, get charity from major charitable organizations, or job opportunities. What kills me is these jobs will ask you black folks to provide “references”, ask about your educational level and qualifications and then turn around and hire someone with a work visa who most likely lied their ass off to get the visa and no due diligence done on that visa worker. I remember working with an African brother who said he went to some university in Moscow..well, there was another Russian guy who actually went there…I’m not making this stuff up. And that same firm pick apart an African-American resume to find a reason not to hire an American black person.

So with sanctions, the goal is to reduce the economic capability of an adversary to show that you mean business and you pretty much don’t want to take them out physically but you going to show that you serious about the grievances. For African-Americans to conduct sanctions, we need protocols in place consisting of targeting entities and individuals and even countries like Dominican Republic and their treatment of Haitians who lived there all of their lives and being deported. The African-American community can openly sanction DR by not only stopping travel there but not support Dominican hair salons until the issue is redressed and refuse to support any economic matters until Haitians are treated with respect and dignity. We can sanction media by continuing to target their advertisers and put them on a list like Sprint keep supporting Fox News channel. And when black folks want to support Sprint, still want to show up at the Academy Awards and still want to go to Dominican Republic, our community address them and their actions trying to undermine our sanctions and show we mean business and sanction or fine these sellout African-Americans as well.

African-Americans are being sanctioned against on a daily basis by media, by money institutions and by municipality where the mayor of Chicago totally does not care about the black communities – but remember, those black folks in Chicago voted for that mayor so they get what they voted for in Chicago.

Strategic Operation

This is the nice term to mean war and this is the level where it’s time to kill at will and destroy. This is when we are saying that our lives are not respected by the adversary so their lives are not going to be respected either. The strategic operations involve direct destruction of assets and people that the adversary hold of value, including that adversary own life. At this stage, you decided the best way to deal with the adversary is to neutralize them and wipe them out of existence.

Now, in the old days and the stupid war the USA been involved in, most wars last generations and for a long time and both sides are targeting each other. Nowadays, the smart approach is to engage in strategic operations to take out assets and individuals the other side hold dear. In the United States, when strategic operations are done against us such as bombings and mass killings, we call it terrorism against us. When we bomb other people and mass kill them, we call it a strategic operation.

Strategic operations against African-American involve the use of armed cops who are looking for a legal loophole to escalate interactions with black people to the use of lethal force. What’s frustrating me is I still see videos of black folks falling for this escalation to lethal force shit walking around while police got guns on them, talking back to cops, resisting cops, walking back to their damn car when cops got guns drawn on them and shit like that. Now, if this was a real fucking war and those were ISIL/DASH pointing guns on your ass, your African-American behind wouldn’t be talking back, resisting, walking around waving your hands and shit, you would do exactly what they say. If a damn crew of armed cats bust in your house, you would do exactly what the fuck they tell you and you would be begging for your damn life and don’t harm your kids. But for some reason, African-American feel comfortable talking back to armed cops with guns drawn on them, walking around, talking back to cops and this is driving me fucking crazy where I cannot care if yall get shot for being stupid. Realize when you are the fucking target of a strategic operation!

Now, there was strategic operations where lone wolves went after cops and was armed with carbines and bullpups and took out several cops. There were other ambush killings on cops by lone wolves. But the two notable ones in Dallas and Baton Rouge, you saw that strategic operation made those police department having to bury their own cops and these cops are now seeing what its like to die at the hand of a gunman making up their own on-the-battleground-rules. That’s what these cops do – make up rules of engagement to rationalize killing unarmed black Americans or any American that entitled to due process by the courts. Now these cops now want to make YouTube videos of them dancing with black kids or have mainstream media show videos of them rescuing a puppy and shit like that and “dialogue” with the black community – that wasn’t the result of boycotts, that was the result of strategic operations by lone wolves because these cops realize they can be hunted and their life can be ended over the same life-taking methods and making up “rules of engagement”. See, in war, anybody can make up their own rules of engagement to take someone else life.

At the end of the day, death is death – I see cats on the Internet talking about how law enforcement is justified taking the life of another person. But in reality, death is death – we all have the capability of being taken out and we are all destined to die anyway – no human makes rules on mortality. So what I’m saying is a thug that decide to kill some cornball online defending cops and kill someone attacking Black Lives Matter is no better or worse than a cop taking the life of an unarmed black person they perceived to be a “threat” to their safety, death is death. And war and strategic operation involves bringing death and destruction, that’s all war is good for. No one wins in war and no one should be proud of making death happens because no one owns the card that guarantee them life – everybody dies.

One thing I know about bigots who are adversarial is they really love their mortal life and they ain’t buried enough of their loved ones on their side of the fence. That’s why they hate and fear Muslims because they know someone declaring Jihad is going to get them some 72 virgins while that bigot is just going straight to hell for being a bigot all their lives – that’s why these bigots want to cling on their mortal life all the time. And they love their assets – you take their assets out, their whole life goes straight to hell. That’s why they be jumping off buildings when the market collapse or IRS is turning the heat up on them and stuff like that.

If you want to know a good example of strategic operation, look at how China developed the manufacturing industry and took a valuable asset, the manufacturing industry and took it away from these bigoted rural areas. Then meth was introduced by Mexican cartels that is cheaper than the trailer-made meth and bigger supply to these same bigoted rural areas. The healthcare industry started to conglomerate and withdrew support of the local rural doctors taking care of these rural bigoted areas and the doctor making house calls does not exist anymore. Conglomerate farming operations now outsourcing to Chile and Vietnam and paying lower futures for rural bigoted area crops and meat. No jobs, cheap high off cheap drugs, no healthcare and as a result, these rural bigots are dying at an unprecedented rate with no real assets to sustain themselves and this was a strategic operation carried out by faceless multi-national organizations against rural whites who spent too much time distracted hating blacks.

Nobody wants war except someone who haven’t seen it or want someone else to fight one for them. The Art of War teaches to make sure the adversary know this is not the option they want but it is on the table and to do everything strategically to avoid war, that is the true Art of War.

The Takeaway

It is important to know where African-Americans are positioned and how our adversary is positioned. African-Americans have been limited to just boycotts and protests and we got weak black leaders who just want us to think only of boycotts and protests. But our landscape as African-Americans is we got fully active adversaries engaged in sanctions and strategic operations against us and we have no answer and only victims because we refused to understand we allow our adversaries have a balance of power over us.

If our adversaries are using sanctions and strategic operations against us African-American people, then only an equal level of resistance will be effective. That means African-Americans have to consider both sanctions and strategic operations as options against our adversaries. For strategic operations, you don’t have to violently kill but you can craft neutralization in a way to rendered your adversary life worthless or their asset worthless. So you can respect Martin Luther King non-violence doctrine but end your adversary life at the same damn time by applying strategic operations and sanctions. Don’t lose sight these are already activities being done against us African-Americans and we have to realize our adversaries may only do the right thing after we bring something bigger than boycotts and protests to them.

We got too many so-called worthless black leaders at the protest and boycott level thinking they someone special. Weak clowns like Roland Martin midget worthless ass who talk too damn much thinking his talking points and facts are what these bigots actually care about. This is not a battle of rhetoric – they coming after lives and assets. So we need real cats that know how to carry out sanctions and strategic operations to score African-Americans some wins against systematic racism in America. Our people lives and our assets like our communities are being attacked and black people losing lives and we losing communities and assets not realizing our adversaries are engaged in sanctions and strategic operations against us. I hope this article helped African-Americans realize where we at (protests and boycotts) and where our adversaries are at (sanctions and strategic operations) and make the necessary adjustments.

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