Police Shoot Two Unarmed Men 377 Times, In Car That Had Already Crashed


Police abuse doesn’t get much more flagrant than this. Recently dozens of Miami-Dade police officers filled Adrian Montesano’s vehicle with 377 bullet holes, shot from every imaginable angle.

The frenzied show of police force was described by witnesses as “chaotic” and “contagious” in nature.

The vehicle’s 2 occupants had been trying to surrender, but 23 police officers in total decided to act as judge, jury and executions, shooting up the car, the suspects and also neighboring houses, businesses, vehicles. Even fellow police officers were hit by the insane barrage of bullets from the high capacity magazines carried in triplicate by each officer.

The events began back in the early morning hours of December 10th, 2013, but questions about the massive show of police force have begun to mount in the community.

Adrian Montesano had already crashed, and his vehicle remained pinned between a utility pole and a tree after an earlier police pursuit around 5:00 a.m.

Dozens of officers aimed their M4 assault rifles, as well as high capacity handguns towards the from every angle, and for several minutes, they shot round after round into the unarmed suspects.

Anthony Vandiver witnesses the assault from his house. He ran upstairs to watch the whole thing unfold, from a perfect, unobstructed view.“They said, ‘put your hands up!’ And the guys were still moving after they shot, like maybe 50-60 times,” Mr. Vandiver told CBS-4 Miami. “And the guys tried to put their hands up, and as soon as they put their hands up, it erupted again.”

“The policemen that had on the black and white vests were out there laughing like it was so funny because they got a free shot off them people,” another neighbor, speaking on the condition of anonymity added.
Finally, 2 different officers were struck by so-called friendly fire. Other officers had their eardrums ruptured from the sheer duration of fire.

“Get all the officers off to the side. We’ve got to get rescue in here,” one panicked officer could be heard saying on a radio transmission. “There’s too many officers here! Back them up!!”

Adrian Montesano and his passenger, Corsini Valdes, were long dead by that time, but officers continued to fire.

“That was it for them. That guy tried his best to give up,” Vandiver recounted “I swear to God; on everything I love, my kids my momma, everything. I seen it all.”

Spread the word. These killer cops will continue to get away with these crimes if we continue to remain silent about it. The only way to force this to an end is through widespread, public outrage!

via Police Shoot Two Unarmed Men 377 Times, In Car That Had Already Crashed – Counter Current News

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