Muskegon mother jailed for making up elaborate kidnap and rape story against boyfriend

Is lying all that female YTs are good for? And drugs?!?!

A mother has been jailed for making up an elaborate kidnap story claiming she was abducted and raped by four black men.

Leiha Artman from Muskegon, Michigan, claimed she was abducted when the men stopped to ask her for directions while she stood in the driveway of her home in March.

The 25-year-old said they threw her in the trunk of their car, beat and sexually assaulted her.

During the two days she was missing, her boyfriend received photographs of her in which she appeared gagged, bound and bleeding from the head.

She was sentenced to one year behind bars on Wednesday after admitting to one count of making a false report of a felony.

MLive reports the woman was told she would not be put behind bars in exchange for making the plea which, given her previous criminal record, carries a maximum penalty of six years imprisonment.

Her partner, who wished to remain anonymous, told on Wednesday she had been coerced into making the plea and into fabricating the story.

He maintained she was raped and beaten but not by the people she initially blamed.

She made up the story in fear her real attacker would later punish her for incriminating him, he said.

‘All I know is that I woke up to some very, very brutal pictures.

‘She did make up a story saying it was four black men but, at the end of the day, she did get really, really hurt by someone.

‘She is a good woman and a good mother. She was a heroin addict that needed help and rehab.’

The man collected Artman on March 29, two days after she said she was kidnapped, in a street near her mother’s home.

She phoned him after being dropped off by her captor, she said, to have him collect her.

He said she was ‘bleeding’ and ‘really hurt’. The pair visited a hospital, where he said she requested emergency contraception.

Police interviewed her while she received treatment there. It is not clear whether they believe she was attacked at all.

In the image sent to her boyfriend, Artman is seen gagged and with what appears to be blood pouring from her head.

Text messages which accompanied the photograph demanded money for her release. He said none was exchanged.

via Muskegon mother jailed for making up elaborate kidnap and rape story against boyfriend | Daily Mail Online


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