Vegan Ribs Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric Recipe

Made my own alterations but it came out really good!

Ty’s Conscious Kitchen

For today’s recipe I make Alkaline Vegan “Ribs” using Portabella mushrooms!

Alkaline Electric Barbecue Sauce:


Ingredients Used:
Portabella Mushrooms
Alkaline Barbecue Sauce (Video:
Spring Water
Sea Salt
Onion Powder
Grapeseed Oil

Full recipe is on our website at:

‘Alkaline Electric Recipes The Sebian Way from Ty’s Conscious Kitchen’ Cookbook of first 36 Recipes!:

Online Shopping Options:
Sea Salt:
Onion Powder:
Cayenne Powder:
Grapeseed Oil:
Cast-Iron Griddle:
Basting Brushes:

We will be posting more recipes to show you how we are incorporating this way of eating into our lifestyles. Subscribe for updates and leave comments if there is something you would like to see us make!

DISCLOSURE: At the time of this recording, all items used in this recipe were approved and on Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide. If at any point in the future these items are removed from his list, you may omit the item and substitute with another item from the nutritional list. Please check Dr. Sebi’s website regularly to stay updated on any future changes.

Please note: If you have questions about Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide or methodology, please contact his office directly.

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