Nothing like 80s in late October…

Yeah I’m lovin the Texas life or at least the weather lol

Haven’t been working on the mobile app lately due to other business ventures doing well at the moment and I’m thinking of changing my development facilities because I wanted IOS apps but everywhere I look seems to tell me I need a Mac or at least a Mac virtual machine to do the builds…. I think Adobe offers some service to convert HTML5 apps to native IOS, so I’ll look into that…

Got some new shirt designs done as well…. not gonna let the cat out of the bag yet, but there is a zodiac theme and prominent people of color involved (as usual) … I think you will like it…

Oh gonna clown on ATT U-Verse too and their “45 Mbs” I’m supposed to be getting when it’s more like 10-15 at best….. ran 2 speedtest and got the #s I expected but then I used ATT’s and it said ludicrous shit like 55 and 50….. yeah y’all playin with them numbers….. but I aint never liked ATT, if it wasn’t for the Mrs and her existing contracts I’d prolly go elsewhere… we still may if they don’t fix this when I bring it to their attention…


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