11-28-16 ZoWhat? “who’s better prepared to win the “so-called” race war?

who’s better prepared to win
the “so-called” race war?

“Callers What is your best Solution for Ending the Impending Race War?”


Which outcome would be worse, the results of a class war, or race war?

True or False?
The white female voting bloc for more than half a century, has shored up its identity in whiteness, not gender?

Where do interracially adopted, or bi-racial children stand in a race war?

True or False?
Does The white female voting bloc in America, routinely betray feminists of all colors with their traditional white male voting patterns?

They are many white women who think Trump’s comments about immigrants, Muslim people, and black Americans are rude, perhaps, but not disqualifying?

Can Chinese War strategist Sun Tzu’s quote “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”, work for today’s rising race tensions?

If American society is built on a white supremacist’s social infrastructure, how can America be the moral voice of the world?

True or false? Blacks can or can’t be racist?

Is the surge of African American gun sales since Donald Trump’s White House victory a sign of a pending racial apocalypse?

True or False?
White Nationalist groups are growing faster than leading global Terrorist groups?

How does white people’s fear of the big black boogeyman keep racism alive?

What’s the difference between Alt-Right and white supremacists?

True or false? Must you be ignorant/uneducated to be a white supremacist?

Working together makes it a reality!

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Turn up/Thankful Thursdays $4
Finally, Fridays $5
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via 11-28-16 ZoWhat? “who’s better prepared to win the “so-called” race war? – YouTube


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