Six Flint Government Employees FINALLY Criminally Charged

Six government employees have finally been criminally charged in district court in connection with the Flint water crisis.

Among those charged are, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services workers Nancy Peeler, Corinne Miller and Robert Scott, and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality employees Liane Shekter-Smith; Adam Rosenthal and Patrick Cook, according to Robert Allen, of the Detroit Free Press.

According to testimony in Flint’s district court, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Todd Flood, the Royal Oak attorney heading the AG’s investigation, called an 11:30 a.m. news conference at the University of Michigan Flint, in order to further discuss the criminal charges.

Allen explains that “in April, Schuette announced felony charges against two Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials. Along with them, a City of Flint official was also charged.

He additionally has promised that more criminal charges will be forthcoming.

Mike Glasgow, pleaded “No Contest” to a misdemeanor charge and is said to be cooperating with the investigation.

The DEQ employees, Stephen Busch and Mike Prysby, are still awaiting preliminary examinations.

A civil lawsuit has also been brought against engineering and consulting firms who had were linked to consulting contracts on the Flint Water Treatment Plant.

The civil lawsuit, which was filed in Flint in Genesee County Circuit Court, says that the engineering firm Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam and environmental consultant Veolia North America, as well as other related companies, are guilty of causing “the Flint Water Crisis to occur, continue and worsen.”

Both corporations have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, in spite of the evidence.

via Six Flint Government Employees FINALLY Criminally Charged – Counter Current News


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