500 shots fired in police stand off after high speed chase

Must be nice to be white… even when you violent to white women… smmfh

Around 500 bullets were fired last night before a multi-parish police chase ended with a kidnapping suspect surrendering to police.

Police arrested Christopher Kent Garcie, 41, after he alleged kidnapped a woman and led police on a high speed chase that ended with a shoot out before he finally surrendered to authorities.

According to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, Garcie met a woman online through “BackPage.com” who agreed to meet up with him to “hook up.” Garcie met the woman at a house in Lacombe where police say he pulled out a pistol and told her he was a police officer. He then told the woman she was being arrested for prostitution and bound her hands with zipties and duct tape.

Garcie then drove the woman to Mandeville where she jumped out of his moving vehicle and went to a nearby store where she called 911.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office then told other departments to be on the look out for Gracie’s white 2005 Chevy Silverado pick-up truck towing a trailer. Causeway police spotted him on the bridge and chased him into Jefferson Parish.

JPSO deputies along with State Troopers joined the chase and Garcie lead them over the Huey P Long bridge and into Waggaman. Garcie eventually lost control of his vehicle crashed into a drainage canal on Highway 90 where he exchanged gunfire with police.

JPSO officials estimated that more than 500 bullets were fired between Garcie and the 23 law enforcement officers surrounding him.

With the help of Garcie’s mother, negotiators convinced Garcie to throw his gun out the window and surrender to police.

EMS then transported Garcie to the University Medical Center to be treated for the three non-fatal gunshot wounds he received in the standoff. While being transported, police say Garcie acknowledged culpability to shooting at police officers and leading them on a police chase.

Only one JPSO officers was wounded, they sustained a graze wound to their finger.

Garcie has since been released from the hospital and was booked in the Jefferson Parish Corrections Center where he was booked with four counts of attempted first degree murder and one count of aggravated flight. He also faces charges of Second Degree Kidnapping, Aggravated Battery and False Impersonation of an officer in St. Tammany Parish.

Garcie has a prior criminal history. According to JPSO, he has been arrested for Forcible Rape, Aggravated Assault, Simple Battery and Violation of a Protective Order.

via 500 shots fired in police stand off after high speed chase | wwltv.com

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