Voice of Reason – “No Cook, No sex, No Respect, No Fidelity, No Man?”

True or false?
Chivalry is to the modern woman as diversity is to  slavery?


Does the modern woman suffer from relationship schizophrenia, by demanding a traditional man, while demanding the freedoms of the modern women?

True or False?
“No Cook, No sex, No Respect, No Fidelity, No Man?”

Is not knowing how to cook, clean sex, respect and look after your man a silent relationship death sentence for millennial women seeking a long term relationship?


why are men and women opting out of traditional gender roles?

Is it fair to say that for a woman to know how to cook, a man should be aware of how to fix her car or the plumbing?

True or False?

Though this has been viewed negatively by some and positively by others, the fact remains that many women have traded in their traditional roles for careers.However, this transformation has also lead to changes?

Is marriage and family still a better deal for women more so than men?

Was the War on Men initiated from within their own marriage?

True or False?

Women of today are continuously looking for independence, which takes them emotionally distant from their men?

True or false?
Regarding relationship discord, No Handyman equals no Chef?

True or False?

Men are sensitive too, and they need your compliments as much as you women do?

Has feminism and capitalism ruined the sweet natured sister?

Do you think the women of today are leaving behind the graceful habits of being emotionally close to their men?

Are Millennial women demanding more from men while growing more and more emotionally distant?

True or False?

Back in the graceful old times, women used to know every need of their men?

True or False?

Women of yesteryear were excellent at the art of knowing their men better than they knew themselves?


via “No Cook, No sex, No Respect, No Fidelity, No Man?” – YouTube


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