Voice of Reason- Melyssa Ford “Thirst-ology” Compromising for your relationship VS. Compromising yourself”

HOT TOPIC: “Thirst-ology”
Compromising for your relationship VS. Compromising yourself:
“When Compromising for your Relationship causes you to Compromise yourself”With Special Guest:
The Melyssa Ford

You’re Playing yourself!!!

True or False? You shouldn’t set yourself on 🔥🔥🔥in order to keep your partner/spouse warm?

How is compromise and sacrifice related? Is Denzel Washington’s wife a perfect example of both?

When should you compromise your beliefs and values for the sake of your relationship?


Is the real conflict within our relationship the battle we wage against our partner to protect our egoic self-interests?

True or False?
Cooperation, Not Compromise, Builds Relationships?

True Or False?
Compromise, within the context of relationships, may become problematic because it implies that someone is giving something up?

Do you know someone who has compromised their hyper sexual nature, in order to maintain a relationship with their significant other?

When couples mutually over compromise, is the relationship healthy or unhealthy?

Can you give a few examples of over compromising in intimate relationships?

Which Gender Compromises the most most, Men Or Women?

True Or False?
Cooperation unlike compromise strengthens the underlying fabric of relationship through balanced interchange?

True Of False?
A healthy relationship should affirm who each partner is and allow each person to meet his or her needs together with the other?

How Much Should You Compromise for Your Relationship?

via SG: Melyssa Ford “Thirst-ology” Compromising for your relationship VS. Compromising yourself” – YouTube


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