ZoWhat 12-12-16 Min. Tony Muhammad “Put Some “Respek” on it” “RESPECT 101.” #ZoWhat?

“Put Some “Respek” on it”
“RESPECT 101.”
A Deeper look at How to work for it/cultivate it, and set the tone for others to earn it from you!


Is it harder to get Respect from others when it’s demanded?

Is it easier for blacks to disrespect other blacks than it is to demand respect from whites in power?

True or False?
In Relationships, Respect May Be Even More Crucial than Love?

What’s the difference between Respect and Fear?

How are Respect and Fear Related?

Is respect a personal feeling?

Why is it so difficult for many of us to “respect” those we dislike?

what are the three ways one can earn respect for you?

How are Respect, Trust and Loyalty related?

What is the difference between trust and loyalty?

Is Racism against Blacks a bigger problem than the disease of Self-hate?

Can mutual respect be exchanged if you’re in a relationship where you’re in the subordinate position?

How does one re-establish respect once it’s lost?

True or False?
The lack of respect blacks has for one another is the sole reason other’s disrespect us?

What’s the source of Black’s sense of self-respect?

How do you respect yourself?

in what ways is Respect is shown in intimate relationships?

how do you respect those in authority?

Why is it important to have respect?

How do you respect those under you in work, in education, in race, and in Life?

Is respect objective or subjective?

via SG: Min. Tony Muhammad 12-12-16 “Put Some “Respek” on it” “RESPECT 101.” #ZoWhat? – YouTube


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