01-11-17 Voice of Reason – Weak Woman Wars” when weak women attack each other

“WWW” “Weak Woman Wars”:
when weak women attack each other:
A deeper Look at the nature of Female “Frienemies”
Let’s take a deeper look at the nature of competitive cattiness among women!!


True or False?
Catty women are addicted to Drama & gossiping?

Are women who slut shame other women guilty of thinking like a Man?

Why do some women hate on the woman, they want to be, or the woman they can’t be?

Is The female woman hater the anti-feminists?

Why Do We All Just Accept Women Hating Women As Normal?

Do Women Really Hate Other Women? If so, is it becuase women know their own innate nature?

Are Most Women more critical of other women than most Men are critical of women?

Why are women so catty to beautiful women?

True Or False?

Though feminism has brought women a long way from the rigid gender norms of times gone by, girl-hate has managed to fly under the radar?

Why is it so bad that a woman has more sexual partners than you? Or that her skirt is shorter than yours?

In General Are Women More Catty Towards Women they consider to be over sexualized/ promiscuous?

True Or False?
Many women seek the friendship of men only? Why is this Ladies?

True Or False?
Most women will tell you that they have survived at least one mean girl in their past: a girl who dismissed, put down, or even socially tormented them?

Ladies are you aware of another women friend or family member who secretly admires you, but may feel too inadequate and competitive towards you to admit it?

via SG: Maliah Michel Weak Woman Wars”: when weak women attack each other – YouTube


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