ZoWhat 01-16-17 The “MLK” Special: “Is today’s Black America MLK’s nightmare?”

The “MLK” Special Edition Show:
A deeper look at the question:
“Is today’s Black America MLK’s nightmare?”

What would black America look like if control of its children education were 100% in our own hands?

How did Pres. Obama use black celebrity to dupe blacks in to seeing him as the second coming of Dr King?

True or False?
Courts must use the broad discretionary powers with which they are vested to enjoin an illegitimate president from taking office?

Was Dr. King killed for talking straight about financial equality?

Did President Obama’s Celebrity Overshadow Black America’s Struggle?

True or False?
Colorblindness isn’t the solution, but focusing on our economic similarities might be?

True or False?
Trump’s win and America’s divisiveness have left some Americans feeling hopeless?

What are your thoughts on Steve Harvey’s apparent change of heart regarding President-elect Donald Trump?

Is Self hate the most practiced belief system within the Black community?

True or False?

No one can really presume to know how Dr. King would have actually felt about the current state America were he still alive, but what one can do is make healthy assumptions based on the life he lived, and the things he said. Martin Luther King likely would have been horrified by Trump’s America?

Would black businesses & subsequent recycled black dollars be in a better position, had it not been for MLK’s DREAM?

How do Blacks in America Cure Gang Violence?

Are our black politicians for our interest John Lewis, Kamala Harris, & Corey booker or extensions of the military industrial complex?

Would Martin Luther King Jr. be happy with Black America in 2017?

Should Public Schools be held responsible for Helping Black Children Fulfill the American Dream?

Would Martin Luther King jr. be happy with the twice elected Black President who technically did very little to improve the condition of black people?

True Or False?
Problems of violence, education and mass incarceration are intimately linked to black America’s jobs crisis?

True Or False?
Renewing the American Dream for African Americans Requires a Bold Jobs Program, Especially in Inner Cities

via SG: Antonio Moore 01-16-17 The “MLK” Special: “Is today’s Black America MLK’s nightmare?” #ZoWhat? – YouTube


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