Grammy-winning singer pens lengthy statement calling on Black community to think beyond methods that were ‘the answer 60 years ago’

Chrisette Michele lended her voice to the national conversation about police shootings and racial discrimination in America.

Over the past week, there have been calls to boycott big companies and support Black-owned businesses. Michele took to social media to share her thoughts on boycotting and marching, calling the political methods ineffective.

“I don’t believe that a boycott is the answer. It was the answer 60 years ago. I don’t believe that marches are the answer. They were the answer 60 years ago,” the Grammy-winning singer wrote.

She continued:

Not when you have clothing label owners like Nicki Minaj, leading the way at chains like K-Mart. Not when you’ve got hair product owners like Courtney Adelye leading the way at stores like Sally’s. Not when you have record label owners like myself and Janelle Mone selling music at stores like Target.

Black men like Rick Ross owning Wing Stops, black men like Kasim Reed as mayor of Atlanta. Not when we finally have a black president. This is what they faught for 60 years ago. Now is not the time to destroy it.

Michele, 33, called on Blacks to “achieve” and “send Black boys to college.”

“It’s the time to be the greatest and most civilized we have ever been,” she added. “Now is the time to attend City Hall meetings. Now is the time to vote and change laws. Now is the time to write letters to the politicians, and government.”

Of course, Michele’s statement was not without eye rolls and harsh criticisms.

“@chrisettemichele this is like career suicide. I guess you don’t want your bottom line to be affected. why not just say that? you know [there] are plenty of educated blacks in this country but how can we fight this good ole boy system?” wrote one commenter, “voting and marching don’t work when you have the power. oh but we do have some power, the almighty dollar! It’s reckless of you to make public statements that don’t support that BLM movement. I won’t be buying any of your music, concert tickets, waist trainers or whatever you sell. bye girl.”

via Chrisette Michele Says Blacks Shouldn’t March And Boycott, But Be ‘Civilized’



  1. All admirable things to say Chrisette , but please shut the fu#k up , because when people of color are being gunned down in the streets as if it’s hunting season by members of law enforcement . Th at is time to actually protest not just about the electoral system , but also the ongoing racial and social injustices taking place across the country. It’s at times like this , dumb fu#king celebrities should be seen and not heard !!!!


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