Voice of Reason 1-20-17 “Are U Dating A Serial HoboSexual?” People who use sexual prowess to avoid being homeless!

“Are You Dating A Serial HoboSexual?”

A deeper look at sexual manipulation

Are you or have you ever been hobosexual?


how long can a spouse speak positive words of renforcement to a spouse who has yet to find success in what they think to be their life’s purpose?

Who long does your significant other have to pursue and accomplish their dreams/passion and purpose?

How does your significant other have to make their dreams a reality, regardless of great the sex is?

Do you know of a woman or man that allows their significant other to pay rent with their sex game?

Are there more hobosexuals in Los Angeles because of the high #’s of unemployed actors?

Which North American city has the highest concentration of hobosexuals?

Have you ever been sooooo sexually whipped that your significant other could get you to do anything by increasing or restricting the love flow?

Can You Pursue A Dream And Be In A Relationship At The Same Time?

Are entrepreneurs, rappers, music producers,models, and actors guilty of being the biggest hobosexuals?

How does your partner react to you when you decline them for something?

Does your significant other accept your decision respectfully when they realize you’re being serious?

Are you being emotionally & physically manipulated by your lover?

Do you think you have what it takes to take a stand and decline something if you think it would go against your principles or wishes?

Can your genitalia be used as a form of payment while living with a significant other, if so how long can good sex serve as a payment for household bills?

Do you have the spine to stand your ground and say ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something your significant is demanding of you?

True or False?
When you hear your girlfriend or wife say something like “I’m not going to have sex with you tonight if you don’t meet me early!” you can’t help but smile about it?

Have you ever been in a hobosexual relationship?

Do you know someone who only engages in relationships with people who aren’t very good at saying “No” to you?

via 1-20-17 “Are U Dating A Serial HoboSexual?” People who use sexual prowess to avoid being homeless! – YouTube


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