Don’t Be So Thirsty and Desperate to Portray Yourself as Young, Black and Successful

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When it comes to entrepreneurship, the journey matters more than the destination. In fact, if you look at the most successful entrepreneurs you will see they are still on the journey, even in their 70s and 80s. The only ones who think entrepreneurs are a status are wannabees not willing to put in real work and unfortunately, too many fake news and alternative facts about black technology entrepreneurs fall into this category.

Black Enterprise was the market leader of posting up black entrepreneurship as some kind of prestigious title. Now we got fake news like Urban Intellectuals and Black News and I went undercover and found out some of these “positive black news” stuff is nothing more than a “paid press release” hustle with fake headlines. Then you got straight liars on Facebook who post false information no black person researched before forwarding and sharing to the next person. But here is the story – you never hear about these prestigious black folks 6 months from now. In the Global Urban Collective, I had black folks trying to post fake black news to profile some fake black entrepreneur while I was trying to contribute real business, real technology and real technique as a real person. That’s really messed up in the head when Ed Dunn is real and providing presentations and downloads then days later, cats wanting to talk about fake news characters which is why the Global Urban Collective effort got shut down.

There are two paths we see young black entrepreneurs take in the 21st century when it comes to the achieving the definition of making it.

Fake It Till You Make It. This approach involves portraying the image of success and the goal is to attract people to the success status. However, what you attract are people who are also attracted to the image of success and they tend to be phony and fake as well. So it ends up a bunch of phony and fake people defending a fake persona and that’s what we seeing a lot among young wannabee black entrepreneurs nowadays. Facebook make it easy for black people to share links and fake stories of fake it till you make it characters and they troll in the comment section as well. This is also how multi-level-marketing works by appearing successful to attract losers who want to appear successful as well and recruit these losers to their downline.

Learn to Earn. This is the journey approach and focus more on the trials and the fulfillment, not having a status. You first learn how to find your customers and find out your own family, your black friends and black people in general are not going to support until white media say you are cool to support. So you learn to focus on building a product the market want and reach a wide consumer base. Then you learn how to accept payment from your consumer base when they ask if you take credit cards when you were accepting cash. You then hear objections and problems with your product from feedback and improve it. You speak to your customers and they speak back and you develop a mature growing relationship. Your loyal customers grow up with you over the years and you realize over the years, you learned to earn by continuous improvement of your product and your relationship with your customers.

As someone who real, let me gives some real advice about the technology industry and entrepreneurship in general. The journey is the most important part of entrepreneurship or finding your purpose, not the status or the fame. Imagine if Jesus had come to earth as a grown human being and stated “I’m the son of God!” and flexed his powers and just took photos of him smiling with his arms crossed – that’s boring and not exciting at all. It was the journey from birth to carpentry to prophet to savior that defined who Jesus is and that is the exciting part. The same with Dungeons and Dragons, you can easily create a character that is level 38 because you want to see a powerful character. But starting off in those dungeons or seaside village fighting thieves, orcs and moving up to level 39 casting spells, acquiring weapons and equipment along the journey to level 39 makes Dungeons and Dragons a fun experience.

The status-orientated stories of a Black Wall Street in Oklahoma are boring and only you status-seeking cats want to hear about that. The real story of the Great Migration where black folks left the sharecropping field to move up North and moved into new black communities and created new skills such as working on machines or starting their own seamstress business, storefront merchant class or watermelon truck or catfish trucking up North, that’s exciting. Hearing the failures, the try again, the get it right. Hearing stories of John Johnson, the founder of Ebony magazine hiring a Jew to buy a building to get it from the white buyer who don’t want to sell it to a black person, that’s the exciting journey to who we are as African-Americans people, not some status talk but the journey. Being a black child hearing how your black uncle came back from Vietnam and started a liquor/candy store on the West Side of Chicago and you plotting of going to your uncle store with your friends and your uncle give you and your childhood friends free wine candy, chico sticks and lemonheads from his black-owned liquor store on the West Side of Chicago, that’s the journey and stories that make up who we are as black people.

Natural life is a journey – you are given a period of time on earth to make moves and discover and then you reach end-of-life and someone else arrived to perform the same mission. Status is a man-made attribute to make you think that is where you should be and cats then sell you on how to achieve that man-made status. If you are young and black, focus on the journey and make the mistakes and the screw ups. It’s okay to find out your dog pissed on your laptop you left sitting on the floor or your sex partner calls up and want to do it when you need to be putting in work and you wasted three days because you wanted to have sex. Have a few fuck-ups in your life and realize you made some real mistakes you won’t do again. Find out how fake black people are, especially the pro-black characters along your journey and realize to focus on your customer and business fundamentals. Learn how the money is made and peep what the rich is doing or your job is doing to make money and swaggerjack their money-getting game. That’s the journey and what you should appreciate.

One of the things that makes Dream and Hustle or a Rise and Grind or Gary Vaynerchuk real out here because we know the journey and we walked it and know that is more exciting than the status-seeking. You young brothas and sistas got to get out of the status-seeking mindset and realize this is an ongoing journey and keep making the moves instead of seek attention. Focus on waking up thinking how you made moves yesterday, how you plan to make moves today and how you plan to make moves tomorrow is what matters as an entrepreneur, not a status or a fake news fluff article write-up. You find out the fake people showing fake love to you but you also along the journey find the real people showing real love to you as well. That’s what the journey is for and you young, black and entrepreneurial brothas and sistas better realize the journey is the true fulfillment you are after, not the status.

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