Phishing Scams Look Real in 2017

Phishing scams have always tried to look like the services they’re mimicking in order to trick users into providing login information, credit card numbers, and other confidential data. In 2017, they’re getting frighteningly realistic and the scams are more sophisticated than ever. Learn how to recognize and protect these advanced phishing scams that even tech-savvy users are falling for.

WOW, what a week!

As mentioned during the show, this week my office was awarded “Canadian Partner of the Year” by ESET, and let me tell you, I had the busiest few days ever to follow. Seems being the Partner of the Year instantly causes a boom in sales, and I have spent the last several days living, breathing and dreaming about ESET.

So, here I am finally posting this week’s video! Thanks for your patience!

This week, Jeff was still away, and he honestly he couldn’t have picked a better week. It’s been rain, freezing rain, and just plain gross weather all week here in Barrie, and he got to sit on a sunny beach in the Carribean with his wife. Poor guy.

So that left us down a host again this week, and Henry Baillie-Brown stepped up to the plate once again, took a swing, and hit that ball well out of the park! Sasha and I were so pleased to have him join us again this week, and are hoping he’ll make himself a regular on the show.

A couple of really impressive Phishing Scams came across my desk this week, and we wanted to spend some time answering the common questions about Phishing Scams, how they work, and why even tech-savvy users are falling for them these days. If you think you know someone who’d benefit from the feature but may not want to watch the entire show, keep in mind I’ve been uploading edited down segments to the site to make sharing specific features easier, and here is the one from this week:

via Category5 Technology TV – Phishing Scams Look Real in 2017


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