Voice of Reason 1-25-17 “Step Sisters: What Black Women think about the White Woman’s Role in racism in America!

“Step Sisters: What Black Women Really think about the White Woman’s Role in racism in America!
The state of interracial relations between black

“What is Racism’s effect on Interracial Sisterhood?”

A deeper look at what may be a facade of support between
White & women of Color!


Even white men are coming to despise their women. In the way that feminism was initiated by white women and has little relevance for Black women, does “Red Pill” manosphere sensibilities have little relevance for Black men?

Do white women answer to their conscience or to white male economic privilege?

When it came down to it, white women couldn’t even remain in solidarity with a white female presidential candidate. Does the white woman have any alleigence to women of any race?

True Or False?
White women were active participants in, proponents of and key beneficiaries of the system of slavery in the U.S., both historically and now?

Where was the white “sisterhood” when many white men and women disrespected the facial aesthetics of Michelle Obama?

Are Black & White women really sisters? If so, do the majority of white women stand with Black women when injustice is carried out against her?

Do White women owe women of color an honest conversation about white priviledge, and racism?

Why Did The majority of American white women—53% in total—vote for Trump?

True or False?
Black women can’t be sisters with women that forced them to breastfeed their kid. Or blamed you for getting raped by their husbands?

True Or False?
he political power of women united, combined with men of color and progressive white men, would render any challenge to affirmative action futile?

True Or False?
If all women supported affirmative action, no politician would dare oppose it?

Do white women choose white privilege over sisterhood with black women?

Where were all the fired up white women in defense of Sandra Bland’s unjust death?

Why have white women been noticeably absent on the front lines fight for affirmative action, when they themselves have benefitted from it greatly?

Is interracial Sisterhood Conditional?

Where are the White feminists when immigrant mothers are threatened to be sent back to their countries?

Where were the White feminists when mothers at Standing Rock were attacked with children in hand?

What happened to your sisterhood? Exit polls suggest 46% of white women voted for Donald Trump?

Have sisters of color shared with white women how they really
feel about some Black Men coveting marriage with white women?

True Or False?
Women who voted for Trump tossed aside physical and verbal assaults on their gender as well as perfectly good policy reasons to support Hillary Clinton. Instead, they did what many have done over the course of American history: reject a gender coalition with non-white women in favor of white supremacy?

scholar Elizabeth Fox-Genovese demolished this notion with her work, Within the Plantation Household: Black and White Women in the Old South (University of North Carolina Press, 1988).


That such straightforward requirements have worked to the benefit of women — particularly white women — is hardly disputable. Thanks in large measure to affirmative action and civil rights protections that opened up previously restricted opportunities to women of all colors, from 1972-1993:
– The percentage of women architects increased from 3% to nearly 19% of the total;
– The percentage of women doctors more than doubled from 10% to 22% of all doctors;
– The percentage of women lawyers grew from 4% to 23% of the national total;
– The percentage of female engineers went from less than 1% to nearly 9%;
– The percentage of female chemists grew from 10% to 30% of all chemists; and,
– The percentage of female college faculty went from 28% to 42% of all faculty. (Moseley-Braun 1995, 8)

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