Tell u about my city…. Chicago

Just for perspective..

When ppl say Chicago is so deadly now, lemme tell u about the Chi I grew up in…

Ppl got killed for having their hat tilted wrong…
Ppl got killed for the wearing the wrong colors…
Ppl got killed for doin sign language….

Anything that made u even look remotely close to the opps, would get u killed…

Not many (if any) automatic weapons, not many unintended targets killed….

So if u look at it now, the crime numbers been down since the 90s (when every other day some drug dealer and/or his girl was getting metal rain thru their whip) and pretty much the only reason that crime in Chi is being publicized so much is a proliferation of media outlets looking for sensational stories, caches of autos left around hoods and great real estate grabs….

U do know Dump is a real estate guy right? Real Estate is a great hustle and u don’t even have to be intelligent to do it…..


my .02

2 thoughts on “Tell u about my city…. Chicago

  1. Now it’s just ‘open season ‘ with the reckless of law enforcement , without delving into the issue of gang violence. Chicago remains a city in complete disarray while their Mayor , Rahm Emmanuel has his head shoved so far up his @ss , he cannot tell if it is night or day. Emmanuel is just as culpable for the mess in Chicago as the Governor Rick Synder is for the systematic genocide waged in Flint , Michigan. Now with Donald Trump talking about bringing in the National Guard as well as the FBI to quell the violence in the city , is there really anything left to be said ?


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