ZoWhat 02-06-17 “A investigation into The ancient Mystery Schools”

“A investigation into The ancient Mystery Schools:
A deeper look at the origins of secret societies, masonry,
and the hidden knowledge of self mastery”


How long was the aspiring student to wait before entrance was granted into the mystery schools of ancient Khemet?

What does it mean to stand on your square?

Is The KKK a masonic organization?

How are the illuminati and free masonry related, if they are at All?

Are the Moors race traitors, if so what actions led them to do such a thing?

True or False?
The Black Fez is the highest Degree?

True or False?
The Fez is worn as a symbol of the womb?

True or False ?
The Tassel on the Fez represents an umbilical cord?

Did Anchient Men Of The Continent KNown as AfriKa create the tennants of what is reffered to as masonry today?

If so, has the knowledge of the “Craft” fallen into the wrong hands, and subsequently used for EVIL purposes?

what is the difference between operative and speculative masonry?

Who were the Mamlukes?

How Is Masonry related to self-mastery,
or is it related at all?

How is the moor and masonry/The Craft related?

Is Masonry A Cult?

Did Masonry starte in Great Britain, or are it’s orgins even older?

If masonry did’nt start in Great Britain, where was the “Craft” Born?

True Or False?
Free Masonry is called speculative to distinguish it from operative masonry, the trade of working with brick, stone and mortar.

Is Masonry a form of devil worship?

If so why are so many Pastors Masons?

What are the ancient mysteries schools?

True Or False?
Masonry has parallels to ancient pagan cultic themes and beliefs?

Did moors or “DARK Skin men teach white men the tennants of Masonry as a means civilizing them?

What is Freemasonry?

How can I get more information about the Freemasons?

What are the requirements to become a Mason?

How do I become a Freemason? Ask!

What if I don’t know a Mason who can recommend me?

What are the time and/or financial commitments of being a Mason?

Why is there so much interest in Masonry today?

Can Freemasonry actually prepare me for greatness?

What are the benefits of becoming a Mason?

Who are the Mamelukes?

via SG: Steven Russell Harts 02-06-17 “A investigation into The ancient Mystery Schools” – YouTube


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