Video shows NYPD officers using stun gun on pregnant teen

THE BRONX – Police used a stun gun on a pregnant teenager accused of resisting arrest Friday night.

The incident happened on the fourth floor of an apartment building on East 242nd Street.
Video shows about a dozen officers surrounding 17-year-old Dailene Rosario, who is 14 weeks pregnant.

“I was resisting them because I didn’t do anything wrong,” she says.
Rosario says an officer fired a stun gun into her side, dropping her to the floor after she had told the officers she was pregnant.
Rosario’s family says police officers were already in the building addressing a separate issue that night, but wound up on the fourth floor when Rosario’s boyfriend started fighting with her sister’s boyfriend over a video game.
The family says when officers came upstairs, Rosario’s boyfriend had already left and she was inside her home arguing with her sister’s boyfriend about the altercation. Police then called for backup after the sister would not let police inside the home without a warrant.
“The officer said, ‘Oh, since you’re refusing,’ he grabbed my arm and I got pulled into the crowd of cops,” Rosario says.
Her family says as she was being stunned, officers broke down a door and arrested her sister’s boyfriend inside the home.
According to the NYPD’s patrol guide, when police officers are deciding if they should use a stun gun, they need to look at several factors, including whether or not a person is attempting to evade arrest or resist custody.
Police tell News 12 that Rosario is charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. They say they arrested her for fighting.
Rosario sustained bruises to her body in the incident. Her family says they want to move forward with a lawsuit.

via Video shows NYPD officers using stun gun on pregnant teen | News 12 Bronx


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